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The cannabis industry has been booming for years, with elite brands and companies fighting for a slice of the market. Now, in major cannabis news, powerhouse California cannabis companies Zkittlez and Seven Leaves have come together in one of the most significant collaborations in the industry’s recent history.

Zkittlez has been a premium cannabis brand for many years, starting operations during Cali’s prop 215 medical cannabis era >webbanki. The brand has perfected selective breeding techniques and combined with a sheer passion for the industry, has stood out among the crowd due to its unique terpene profiles and exotic strains of cannabis. Their highly praised products have won award after award throughout the years, landing on over 90 awards in total, including some extremely prestigious titles in the industry. Founded by award-winning breeders the Terphogz, Zkittlez is developing new strains for their collaboration with Seven Leaves.

On the other hand, seven Leaves brings elite and industry-leading cultivating and growing techniques to the table, operating in a state-of-the-art indoor production campus. Founded in 2008, Seven Leaves has been selling premium cannabis products for 12 years, and the Zkittlez x Seven Leaves operation is no different.

The collaboration will include five new strains called “ZRUNTZ,” “Blooberry Zkittlez,” “Zlushi,” “Melon Brainz,” and “Hindu Zkittlez.” “ZRUNTZ” has already been released, garnering positive reviews and selling out in most locations within days of its debut.

Backed by positive consumer reports, Zkittlez and Seven Leaves are preparing to debut the rest of the cannabis strains in the weeks to come. The new products will be hitting locations all across California.

Established in 2008, Seven Leaves has been developing its procedures and practices flawlessly in the course of the most recent 12 years, offering premium cannabis liberated from pesticides and herbicides. Seven Leaves disseminates its items to more than 250 California dispensaries.

Inheritance brand Zkittlez has stood apart from contenders, offering the most interesting terpene profiles of cannabis on the lookout. Made by the honor winning reproducers the Terphogz, the Zkittlez brand has proceeded to prevail upon 90 honors, including striking prizes, for example, different first spot completes at the Emerald Cup. Along with Seven Leaves, the two cannabis mammoths have designed the absolute generally eager and quality strains available.

The pair of brands have just appeared the first of the five strains, called “ZRUNTZ,” to basic approval. With overwhelmingly sure audits and video surveys on the web, Seven Leaves and Zkittlez are set to deliver the following for strains across the coming weeks.

Giving close consideration to customer reports, Seven Leaves and Zkittlez consider diverse shopper encounters and dial in their items, tweaking the rearing and developing cycles for ideal outcomes. With things going easily and generally welcomed for the joint effort, purchasers can anticipate “Blooberry Zkittlez,” “Zlushi,” “Melon Brainz,” and “Hindu Zkittlez” strains of cannabis to hit Californian dispensary retires soon.

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