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TP-Link Product Pics
TP-Link Product Pics

Are you experiencing an issue while connecting to your TP-Link WiFi network? If yes, then don’t worry. Here, we have arrived with some basic and advanced troubleshooting techniques to resolve the can’t join TP-Link WiFi network issue. So, without wasting any more time, let’s start with troubleshooting steps.

Troubleshooting Solutions

1. Perform a Restart

Giving a new start to your TP-Link extender can be beneficial in troubleshooting minor technical hiccups that might be forcing you to face can’t join WiFi network of the TP-Link extender issue. It’s a simple and effective way to boost the performance of your extender. Therefore, it’s recommended to reboot your TP-Link repeater before implementing any other technique as it will remove accumulated space and prevent your repeater from getting overheated. So, without any delay, let’s jump to steps to perform a restart of your TP-Link repeater.

  • Disconnect all the devices accessing the TP-Link repeater.
  • Unplug the repeater from the power source and turn it off.
  • Thereafter, wait for a while before connecting it back to the power socket and switching it on.

Now, check if the issue persists. If yes, then keep reading to get more knowledge to resolve can’t join TP-Link WiFi networks.

2. Verify WiFi Password

Check that the WiFi password you have entered to connect and access the TP Link extender setup page for modifying settings is correct. Many times users accidentally enter an incorrect password and experience an issue. So, be careful while inserting the password of your TP-Link repeater WiFi network, and don’t forget to cross-check the password you have entered in their respective field.

3. Check Your Ethernet Connection

Verify that the Ethernet cable you are using to establish a connection between your TP Link extender doesn’t have any tear or wear. If you find any issue with the Ethernet cable, then consider replacing or swapping it with the new one. If this doesn’t help you to provide a positive solution, then consider using a wireless connection.

4. Update TP Link Firmware

Outdated firmware of TP Link firmware can also be one of the reasons behind the outcome of this specific issue. So, check the version of your TP Link firmware. If it’s outdated, then upgrade it to the most recent version. The best part is that you can also upgrade TP Link firmware using the TP Link app.

5. Avoid WiFi Interference

You are required to be cautious while selecting the place of your TP Link extender. As it needs to be placed away from the objects such as refrigerators, cordless phones, baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, and other smart home appliances causing WiFi interference. These kinds of objects use radio frequency for transmission that might create disturbance in the WiFi signals resulting in can’t join WiFi network of TP Link extender.

6. Perform a Default Factory Reset

This is the final resort when all the efforts made by you doesn’t provide a positive result. Resetting your TP Link extender to the default factory settings and re-configure it from the start can help you in fixing all types of issues. However, this is not a hard task; still, many netizens find it hard while doing so. Therefore, here we have listed simple steps to make your task simple.

  • You need to look for the Reset button on your extender.
  • Once the search for the Reset button is completed, then press it.
  • Now, it will restart on its own and will be restored to the default factory mode.

Once the restoration process is completed, configure the extender again by accessing

We hope, this above-mentioned troubleshooting process will prove to be beneficial for you in resolving can’t join WiFi network of TP Link repeater issue. If you know any other method to fix the issue, then let us know by commenting in the comment section.

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