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Car Seat Cleaning Tips

The car seats are important things of a car. If you have many kids or you have much pressure for a long/much drive, may be you know how hard to keep clean and fresh a car especially a car seats. And if you don’t know the right tips we will try to inform you about the car seat cleaning tips. So, I think you will get some extra tips to clean your much usable car seats.

Car Seats Cleaning Hacks

There are many ways to cleaning your car seats. We will discuss all about very clearly. Now we try our best to highlight the main point in order that you can clean your car seats very easily.

1. Clean with Detergent: If you wants to clean your car seats covers in your own home then you can try to use detergent. To clean car seat by the laundry detergent, mix some hot water with it. You can use this by the spray bottle or a sponge. Spray this mix water (detergent and water) on your seat where the dust is. Use the mix as much as it need.

2. Baking Soda: Baking soda is a very useful and home product that is most use at different purpose. You can use baking soda as a cleaner. Mix ½ cup of baking soda with some hot water. Use this mix with a brush on car cleat. After half an hour fresh your seats with a fresh towel.

3. Use an Interior Brush on the Area: after spraying any kind of cleaner-use a soft brush work where only you used spray. Don’t brush your car seat rub badly because it can mess up your seats cloth.

4. Use Vinegar: Vinegar is a very necessary product for our daily family tusk. You can use white vinegar to clean your car seats fabrics. Mix one cup or 250 ml of vinegar, a few drops of dish soap, and a gallon or 4 liters of hot water. Use this mixture onto the seats and use a brush to clean dust from seats.

5. Use a Vacuum Cleaner: Vacuum cleaner is a modern and advanced technology that helps you to clean up your any kind of dust immediately. You can use car vacuum cleaner to clean and fresh your car seats stains. You can use a vacuum cleaner in your car once or twice on week though it is depends how much stain or dust you produce on your car.

Though it is very difficult to keep clean and fresh your car seats all time, still I think you should try your best to keep it fresh. You should maintain some rules. You can use an astray to collect all kind of dry dirt. You should more care full when any kind of wet things like milk, drinks, juice, and some other products like lipstick, mascara, and makeup- you should more care full when you use that kind of products on your car. So provably you got your main points how to keep or clean car seats. I think if you follow these tips you would able to keep clean and fresh your car and also your car seats.

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