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It is specie which belongs to the ray finned fish of family Gadidae. It is important food which is food in oceans. This type of fish mostly found in Northwestern Pacific ocean. It is present at the depth of the ocean about 900 kilometers. It is also known as gray cod. It is rich in nutrients.

Caviar is delicious in taste and contains a lot of calories which is necessary for a healthy body. It also contains fatty acid which required for body. It is a white flesh meat which is available throughout the year. It also contains omega-3 fatty acid which increases heart rate ability. By it, it lowers down the heart attack and sudden death. It maintains a healthy weight. It is very useful fish it reduces the risk of strokes. That’s why it is consider as a more useful fish.

It contains some that type of ingredients that require for the body. It also controls high blood pressure. It is also a type of fish which contains triglycerides which controls blood stream. As food is necessary for a healthy body so we eat fishes. Cod fish also contains the risk of the cancer. As we eat food to maintain our health for doing proper work. Fishes consumption increases the health rate and reduces the disease risk. So we must eat fishes of different type to fulfil our body’s requirement.

Cod fish is that of fish which contains almost every nutrients which require for the body. It is seafood which is found mostly in oceans and fresh water. The seafood is necessary to maintain body’s normal functions. It contains some important proteins which maintain the body requirements. These proteins help in the maintenance function of the body. This cod fish is beneficial for the heart patient because it contains some important gredients which lower down the heart disease.

It contains carbohydrate and lipids. Like omega-3 fatty acid which is needed for proper functioning of the body. So it contains many important nutrients. That carbohydrate also reduces the weight. It can also live for about 20 years. It is 20 feet in length. When its female spawns it gives more than one million eggs. They feed on shrimp, crabs and worms. It founds in the Pacific Ocean where its large amount of species found. Its weight is more than 20 kilograms.

Food is necessary for the body. So we should eat fishes for healthy body. It has grey color also and some dimples also found on its body. It fulfils body’s requirement. As this food is a type of seafood which needed for many osmoregulatary functions. Seafood keeps our body healthy and fit. It is more beneficial.

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