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CBD TopicalsCBD Topicals VS. CBD Sublingual Products

CBDs market popularity is no longer a secret. People are now finding products infused with CBD much more effective and helping in many ways. And with the incredible nature of CBD, the CBD industry is growing with a wide variety of forms and products. It means you can buy CBD in various forms, and each one has its own benefits and pattern for use. From Buy CBD Balms Online to CBD Tea, this market has something for most everyone.

And among all the popular forms of CBD, the two most common products people use the most are sublingual CBD products (oils & tinctures) and topicals (balms, creams and lotions). They are completely different from each other- topicals are applied to the skin, where tinctures/oils are sublingual and held under the tongue. However, both these methods have their own advantages. Both forms work effectively and both may help you achieve the relief or wellness you are looking for. And by knowing how these applications actually work and their advantages, you can better decide if a CBD topical is better for you or if a CBD oil/tincture (sublingual) product is your better option. Let’s take a look!

CBD Topicals:

CBD topicals are usually designed to soothe muscle/joint soreness and discomfort. Topicals are infused with CBD, in different CBD potency levels and are applied externally to a certain part of the body, or you can say, to the nagging area of the body. In simple words, CBD topicals like Cordial Organics 300mg CBD Balm is applied directly to the skin. This way, the CBD balm UK gets absorbed into the epidermis and from there, it begins to work with the skin’s endocannabinoid system and you can usually begin to feel its effects within 10-15 minutes.

“Note: Our skin has its own endocannabinoid system like our body has its own. When CBD absorbs into our skin, it interacts with our naturally occurring cannabinoids (endocannabinoids) in the skin, and from there, it enhances wellness to the targeted area.”

CBD topicals also contain a wide range of organic ingredients that not only protect the skin from exposure to outside elements but also work in conjunction with CBD. Many CBD topicals have essential oils and natural compounds that moisturize the skin as well. CBD topicals are made particularly for nagging areas, but adding CBD topicals to your routine such as CBD facial and body lotions, like cbdMD Botanicals, helps naturally in nourishing and refining your skin.

According to market reports, many people choose CBD topicals over other CBD-infused products because they can easily and quickly experience the benefits of CBD. Moreover, using CBD in topical form does not allow CBD to enter into the bloodstream, whereas many topical patches may.

Moreover, CBD topicals have a higher rate of absorption, bioavailability, due to its metabolic bypass, meaning it does not go through the digestive system as other CBD applications do.

Sublingual Products: Oils/Tinctures

In today’s market there are numerous methods for interaction with CBD; however, CBD Sublingual products like CBD oils/tinctures are one of the fastest growing markets for its ease of use and its full body benefits. Sublingual oils/tinctures can create wellness throughout the body rather than just targeted areas. Moreover, the speed of absorption is rather quick as the mucous membrane, under the tongue, absorbs CBD quickly and circulates it throughout the bloodstream. Also, sublingual CBD products have a higher bioavailability than other applications and its full body effects are felt rather quickly, usually within 20 minutes or so. CBD sublinguals come in many different levels of CBD potency as well.

For best effects it is suggested to administer your CBD sublingual, oil/tincture on a daily basis. CBD is lipophilic and compounds into your body’s fat cells over time adding potential health benefits.


If you are having a challenge deciding which form and method will be the best option for you, you could simply consult an expert for further guidance. Moreover, both these forms have their own benefits; you may need to do more research regarding your expectations and which CBD application will work best for you.

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