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CBSE books for class 11 commerce and video lecturesCBSE books for class 11 commerce and video lectures

There are so many books that one can go for regarding commerce, but NCERT books are the best cause the content of the NCERT books possesses high quality and best to go for. To score good marks on your board, you must read the NCERT books no matter what stream you have chosen.

One can also buy the reference books, but NCERT books are way better if appropriately studied. There will not be any need for the reference books if one goes for all CBSE books for class 11 commerce (NCERT).

Here is a list of the books of Class 11 commerce that you are supposed to have-

For the Economics-

Economics Statistics

Indian Economy Development

For the business studied-

Business Studies

For the Accountancy-

Accounts part-1

Accounts part-2

So these are the main commerce books that you have to buy. Along with these books, you will also have to purchase other books that are non-commerce. Those books are standard in all the streams.

There are also some reference books that you can refer to. These books are considered as the best after the NCERT books-

  • Accountancy- TS Drewal and DK Goel
  • Economics- Sandeep Garg
  • English- Oswal

So these are the CBSE books for class 11 commerce. Apart from them, you don’t need to buy any other books.

One of the toughest subjects in Commerce is Accountancy, and if you are going to take the Commerce stream in your 11th, you need to know about the accountancy syllabus. That way, you can decide whether to go for the stream or not-

Financial Accounting-

  • Introduction to accounting
  • Theory base of accounting
  • Recording of business transactions
  • Special purpose books
  • Ledger
  • Bank reconciliation statement
  • Depreciation, Provisions, and reserves
  • Accounting of bills of exchange
  • Trail balance and ratification of errors
  • Financial statements
  • Incomplete recorder
  • Computers in accounting

This is the class 11 accountancy syllabus that you will have to study. Some of these main topics are tough, and some of them are easy. Many subtopics fall under each major topic. 

Now, as you have known about the main things about the commerce of CBSE class 11, you need to know where you can get the proper guidance and prepare for these subjects. Download Class 11 Commerce Syllabus.

Here, you can go to the class 11 commerce video lectures to learn these subjects. The video lectures are available on many platforms such as websites and Youtube.

Here are some of the portals where you can get the high-quality class 11 commerce video classes that can help you understand commerce even better. Some of these portals are paid, and some of them are free.

You can first watch the free videos and then decide whether to buy their premium or not. The premium content is affordable, and you are also provided other useful materials.

Class 11 commerce video lectures: Best online portals

  • Toprankers
  • Toplearnings
  • Unacademy
  • Buyjus
  • Vedantu
  • Takshilalearning
  • Robostore

These are the best online portals for 11 and 12 class students. All of these websites commit to providing high-quality video content that is quite useful for the students. One can also go for offline coaching if they are not suitable for this one, but for the affordable and comprehensive lectures, these are the best, and you may choose to go for any of them as they all are the best.

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