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Watching your mates getting their dream job or being successful in their dream careers can sometimes be quite taxing. Perhaps you think that it won’t happen to you, or maybe your thoughts are sapping your energy and won’t let you focus. 

But where you are wrong? Why are you not in the position where your friends are? Maybe you need to re-consider everything! 

Well, when it comes to preparing for your first job, the age-old rules don’t always apply. Of course, you need to maintain the professional grace and should have a perfect resume; you likely need to follow the modern set of rules to be in the job. And it includes scoring high cognitive tests. 

Criteria cognitive tests are a pre-employment aptitude test that measures skills that are not written in your resume.  The highest score on the test will predict your ability to apply new information, resolve difficult problems as well as your out-of-the-box thinking capabilities. 

No matter how good or bad you have performed in your academics and previous jobs, the CCAT will give recruiters the clear idea of your interpersonal skills. 

What Are Criteria Cognitive Tests?

CCAT or criteria cognitive Aptitude tests are the pre-employment tests,  which give productive and accurate information about the job-seeker. They measure a candidate’s abilities to solve problems, apply information, and to think critically. It is more predictive than other verbal and in-person interviews. 

What Does CCAT Comprise Of?

The Criteria Cognitive aptitude test will feature 50 questions from each section. You will encounter questions from math and logic, verbal and spatial reasoning. Further, you will only get 15-minutes to complete the test, which will be approximately one minute for every question. Since the test is set to gauge the interpersonal skills of the candidate, you necessarily don’t have to attempt every question. Instead, your aim should be answering correct questions and score high. 

Once you complete the test, the recruiters will evaluate your rough scores and the overall percentile ranking, which will indicate the number of questions answered correctly. 

Things To Keep In Mind:

  • You will get only 15 minutes to complete the test
  • there will be a total of 50 questions 
  • the questions will come from verbal, spatial reasoning, and math and logic section
  • you cannot take calculators in the examination
  • maximum number of students fail to attempt the complete test
  • Your overall score will be sent to the recruiter along with the total number of questions you had done. 

General Tips To Pass The Exam:

Go-Through The Instructions:

One of the most careful tying candidates do is that they rush to the test instead of reading instructions. However, reading instructions will help you make a strategy on how you should score better in the test. So, take your time and read the instructions carefully, and based on them, plan your strategy. 

Do Questions That Are Important:

Not everyone has a super-brain; people either favor alphabets or numbers.  So, know your strengths and plan your move accordingly. Give priority to the questions that you find easy and leave the difficult ones for the last. For instance, if you are good in solving numbers, but paragraph questions confuse you, make a guess and move to the next question. 

Value Your Time:

You will hardly get 15 seconds to solve each question, which means a total of 15 minutes for all 50 questions. So, work on time management and then move with the test.  If you have spent more than 20 seconds on one question, simply make a guess and move to the next one. 

Focus And Score:

Don’t feel panic because of the time running in the background. Maintain the focus and work on answering the correct answers. Since the test is designed to gauge upon your interpersonal skills, your high score is what matters the most. 

If you want to crack the CCAT exam, simply focus on the above tips and start preparing! 

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