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Political memes have spread like wildfire in the past decade, and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere anytime soon. Change my Mind memes are one of the most common types, and they can be used to make your point about almost anything, whether you’re debating politics or trying to talk someone out of believing something that’s wrong. We want to show you how to create your own Change my Mind meme template  that you can use to make any argument more persuasive than ever before.

A powerful political meme requires six things

1) Insert your headline here. 2) An image to capture attention. 3) A headline that instantly makes a strong case and gives a sense of urgency. 4) That first sentence (the one following Insert your headline here). 5) A series of three to five reasons in support of your main argument, followed by 6) A short conclusion that briefly restates your argument and reinforces its importance. If you keep those six things in mind when creating an effective political meme, you should have no problem getting lots of likes, comments, and shares from others who are engaged on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

What makes a good argument?

I can’t change minds. A well crafted argument, on the other hand, might just be able to do that. That’s why a powerful Political memes template is an essential piece of writing for any democratic activist. But how do you craft such a thing? How can you make your memes more persuasive? I don’t have all of those answers yet. What I do know is that arguments require two components: (1) facts and (2) strong statements about those facts. A good argument doesn’t rely on emotion or popularity; it relies on logic, because logic never changes regardless of opinions and politics change often.

Who Makes Good Political Memes?

A Really Good Political Meme is a perfect blend of text and picture. While everyone has opinions on what makes a good meme, none are more qualified than those who have studied memes for years, such as professional meme makers at places like Know Your Meme . The site’s staff is constantly scouring Reddit and other meme-making platforms in search of new and interesting memes. So, when they post their list of memes that actually work, you know you can trust them.

Famous political memes

We can all thank Republican strategist Ben Shapiro for inventing Change My Mind, a meme template that popularized sharing personal political beliefs online. Although they aren’t exactly scientific, studies show that these memes are more likely to change your mind than those fact-filled charts and graphs that you see popping up on Facebook every once in a while. Here’s how to get started if you want to use Change My Mind memes as a way of becoming better-informed about an issue in your community or beyond. And, yes, if you don’t like them (or don’t want to talk politics), we’ve also included some other templates for making memes that aren’t necessarily meant to be about politics (but can definitely still be used for political purposes).

Getting Started With My Own Political Memes

You’ve probably seen memes before, even if you don’t know it. A meme is a funny picture or video that gets passed around on social media and typically features a play on words and an image. Some of them are funny; others use humor to make a political point. But did you know that making memes is actually one of the most powerful tools in politics? In fact, many prominent political figures like President Donald Trump have used memes to get elected, thanks to their ability to spread quickly online and show people what side of an issue they’re on. Make your own political memes for free today with Change My Mind’s meme generator!

Sample template

[Image] [Text] #ChangeMyMind If you’re like me, you saw Change My Mind and thought it was a joke. People have been posting on all kinds of issues, but they haven’t changed their mind about anything. But what if we were to use Change My Mind for something serious? Or, better yet, what if someone were to change their mind because of an argument on Change My Mind? What could that mean for political discourse? Keep reading and I’ll tell you everything. Before we get started I want to show you how to post your very own Change My Mind meme on Twitter or Facebook.

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