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futuristic concept vehicles to sports cars and more, they offer different types of cars to satisfy everyone’s need. One of the cars which are back after a pause of 4 years in the series is the Z4 and it is already being considered better than its previous versions. This is why people are opting for this luxurious ride from San Luis Obispo car dealerships.

What makes it the ultimate car? Take a look for yourself!

Engine and performance

The first thing to discuss is the powerful engine BMW equips in this car. The sDrive30i Z4 model comes with 2L turbocharge 4-cylinder engine which produces 255 horsepower and ample amount of torque to leave behind its competitors in this category. It takes about 5.1 seconds to reach 0-60 mph.

It is paired with automatic 8-speed transmission which has manual as well as sports mode. Also, paddle shifters on steering wheel are a standard option. The automatic transmission offers sharp responses and shifts which helps in operating it smoothly.

The model Z4 M40i is for people who would like to feel the thrills of riding a sports car. It is equipped with inline-6 twin turbocharged engine which generates massive horsepower of 382. It makes this ride incredibly refined and smooth and also it takes a mere 3.8 seconds to reach 0-60 mph, which is far better than what its competitors can provide.

What’s surprising for most people is that this superfast sports car is considered to be one of the best fuel efficient cars in this category. In the city it will provide people with a mileage of 25 mpg and on highway 32 mpg; combined it will provide over 28 mpg. However, both engines require premium gasoline. To know more, simply visit car dealers near San Luis Obispo.

Available variants and prices

As mentioned earlier, two variants are available in market Z4 sDrive30i and sDriveM40i which are priced at $50,695 and $64,695 respectively. At base price, it is of undeniable value. It costs much less than its primary rivals in this car category but provides better performance. Also, for having a better handling, one can opt for M Sport package that adds M Sport suspension. Apart for better handling, it also enhances interior and exterior appearance as it consist of steering wheel M Sport and aerodynamic kit.

Also, people can choose to have 19-inch wheels and add Track Handling kit, which adds M Sport larger brakes and differential for extra traction. Though the M40i will still be faster than this model after all these additions, it will be substantially quick to satisfy one’s need.

Lastly, it comes with 10.2-inch touchscreen display for navigation and other user-friendly infotainment. With leather upholstery and elegant interior, it is definitely one of the best luxury cars to cruise around in.

Thus, if you are looking to purchase a luxurious sports car, you should have a look at the all-new BMW Z4 2020 models. Just take a test drive first and then see the difference in commuting yourself!

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