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The culinary world has seen countless chefs since the beginning. While many got lost in this sea, one succeeded in leaving a mark in the industry. Chef Anthony Bourdain was an incredibly talented and skilled celebrity chef with an unmatched passion for cooking and traveling.

There have been several chefs in history, and many more will come too, but very few have succeeded in living up to the legacy Bourdain left.

One such chef is Edward F Gallagher III, also known as Chef Eddie G. The similarities between these two are uncanny, from their zeal for cooking to the fervor of traveling. Not to forget, both of them are proud New Yorkers. Chef Eddie G came from an Irish-German family and was born in the city that never sleeps, New York. His love for cooking stems from an early age. From a tender age, this chef had great taste and pursued it until his passion became his profession.


From Little Chef to a Celebrity Chef

Gallagher’s culinary journey began as a “sous chef” for his mother when he was just a young boy. As he helped his mother prepare dinner for his family, Eddie knew then that he had fallen in love with the world of spices, herbs, and delectable flavors.

After completing his education and earning a Bachelor of Culinary Arts degree from Johnson & Wales University, he began his first culinary job at an Italian restaurant. While Chef Eddie G had always been remarkable in the kitchen, he mastered the art of presenting aesthetically pleasing dishes to his customers during his first job.

Driven to quench his thirst to learn more and explore the world, Eddie embarked on a culinary journey, traveling and learning diverse cuisines from different parts of the world. During his

exhilarating journey, he visited 40 countries and worked in over 100 kitchens.

Chef Eddie G has dedicated more than 4 decades to this industry, with many more to come. Throughout his career, he owned 5 restaurants and has played an aspiring role in the success of many restaurants as their Restaurant Consultant.

This celebrity chef is a proud owner of his cookbook, Cooking Local with Chef Eddie G, and his latest projects are Chef Eddie G’s Kitchen and Locavore Greenery. In addition, he’s cooked at

Super Bowls, PGA events, fundraisers, NFL events, etc., and for many celebrities, such as Billy Joel, Jonathan Goldsmith, Snoop Dogg, and Scarlett Johannson.


Creating Luxurious Boutique Resorts Globally

Apart from taking the culinary world by storm, Chef Eddie G has broadened his reach and is currently testing the waters of the hotel business. For that, he has partnered with a group of professionals to establish deluxe boutique resorts.

Instead of just opening these resorts in New York, Chef Eddie intends to make this a global project by establishing them worldwide. Chef Eddie G aims to offer individuals a comfortable and lavish experience through this plan.

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