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If you are a maths and science aficionado who has dreamt of bringing their knowledge to an interesting use, then Chemical Engineering is the right field for you. It involves creating innovative manufacturing methods and working on processes and safety procedures that come handy while working with chemicals. For those who are interested in pursuing this career path, here is a short guide to equip you with necessary information about chemical engineering.

Who is a chemical engineer? 

A chemical engineer is someone who has knowledge of chemistry, biology, physics and maths which they put into use for production and use of chemicals.

Chemical engineers bring into use their knowledge of chemistry, physics, biology and maths to counter problems pertaining to the production or usage of fuel, chemicals, food and more. They convert normal raw material into a whole range of useful goods by applying and using principles of chemical engineering.

This discipline has an impact on various areas of technology. A professional in this sector is responsible for conceiving and creating processes used to produce, convert and transport goods. The procedure begins in the laboratory with experiments which is later imbibed with technology for a full-fledged production.

Why become a chemical engineer?

B tech chemical engineering has become a popular choice due to the rapid growth in industries that deal with the processing of chemicals and materials. The demand for chemical engineers is increasing and they are rewarded well for their work. Professionals who are skilful and equipped with the required knowledge get a salary that is well over the average figure.

How can you become a chemical engineer? 

If you are looking to pursue b tech chemical engineering, then here is what you need to do:

  •     Prepare for the entrance test

During the popularity and importance of this specialised field, there are limited seats available for this course. In order to take the plunge in chemical engineering, you have to pass the entrance test. It is preferable to take up physics, chemistry and maths in high school for the same.

  •     Earn a degree from the right place 

You can take your first step in building a career in this field with a bachelor’s degree. During the course, you will be taught in different ways that include laboratory work, classroom teaching and also fieldwork placement. Your knowledge of mathematics, biology, physics and kinetics will be sharpened during the entire course run.

If you are looking to further advance your career, then you can also go for a master’s degree. An MTech in this field can help one land into managerial positions or they can go into research.

  •     Choose a specialisation

This domain is vast and chemical engineering has its sub-division which is why you must choose your area of specialisation as you proceed. The options are varied and you can make your selection based on your knowledge and interest.

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