Chill Weather? Make Yourself Look Trendy and Fabulous!

Here’s the only good thing about chilly weather: warm and cozy clothing! So, go get a good look at your wardrobe and see if you’re ready for the colder weather. If not, this is the perfect time for some light shopping that will prep you for all kinds of crazy temperatures and still allow you to look trendy and fabulous. Here are some of the best ideas for chill weather to try this year.


Pastel coat

When the sun is hiding somewhere behind the clouds, everything seems gray and boring. So, why not bring some warmth to the world with your cute pastel coat? It’s more than possible to wear a pretty pastel coat when it’s cold outside. Pair it with a fun sweater and you’ll definitely stand out from the neutral crowd. Keep the look grounded with black boots and jeans or black tights!

Layer for the win

Colder months are all about layering and for all the right reasons. It’s practical and it will always keep you toasty without sweating like crazy when you enter somewhere warm. So, try out a layered look by piling on different pieces and mixing and matching looks. For instance, you can’t go wrong a black roll-neck that matches well with any other clothing element. Or, you can always put a light dress over a pair of pants or jeans to add warmth and achieve that edgy street style look!  


Choose fab boots

Since a big coat can often cover up the most of your clothing, your chill weather style often boils down to a fantastic pair of boots. While over-the-knee boots often look very chic with a short dress, they can be a bit too much with more casual combinations. So, make sure to have a killer pair of ankle boots that will match any situation, any outfit and any type of weather. Pair them with cuffed jeans, a trendy jumpsuit or even a maxi skirt and you’ll look ready to tackle cold in style!

Experiment with faux fur

Colder weather is the perfect time to experiment with materials with stronger textures. It’s also the only appropriate time to give faux fur a shot—it just doesn’t feel at home at any other time! So, have some fun with fake fur and try to match it with the items you have in your closet. For instance, give your classic biker jacket a quick upgrade by throwing a fur vest on top of your look. Or, find a few accent pieces like a fur hat, fur mittens or any similar accessory and liven up your outfit. Cute faux fur items will instantly give your look that chilly weather vibe and keep you extra toasty with their warmth.

Don’t forget to accessorize

Are you bored of putting on the same coat day after day after day? We all get pretty sick of our cold-weather looks in two weeks tops! But, you don’t have to despair. Just a few accessories with liven up your overworn look and make you look fresh and trendy again. For instance, consider getting a statement belt over your coat that will cinch your waist and give your coat a completely new shape. A statement scarf is another perfect autumn or winter accessory. You can belt it on top of your jacket, tie it in a knot around your shoulders as a cape or even wear it on your head for a chic, retro look. There are so many ways to rock a scarf that you can pull off a fresh look every day!

Just because you can’t pull out your tops, your flowery dresses and your sandals, it doesn’t mean you can’t look absolutely chic, trendy and gorgeous. Don’t let the weather stop you from looking your best and standing out with your fashion sense!