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Have you yet started planning the look for your big day?

Every time you picture yourself walking the aisle, you imagine yourself in the flawless gown and dazzling jewellery. Yes! You are not far from your dream coming true. This article will guide you about what’s hot in bridal jewelry accessories.

Moreover, when it comes to enhancing your beautiful gown, a complementary jeweller can do wonder with your overall wedding look. While searching for your perfect D-day look, you might have noticed that the trends have changed over the course of time. Here, you will read only about all the trending jewellery you can consider for your 2019 wedding.

Read further to know what’s trending:

  • Love bands for rings:

    Love bands are created to show their love, bond, and connection. These pieces of jewellery trend are here to stay. You can opt for customized engagement bands with birthstones and gemstones. Also, you can go with the traditional platinum’s forever mark or give the bands a unique look with rose gold and mixed metals. One of the loveliest designs is half hearts on both the ring.

  • Statement layered neckpieces:

    A perfect neck piece can enhance your gown. The neck is the focal point when it comes to bridal jewellery. With 2019 trend, you can mix and match, and layer and stack your wedding necklaces. According to a jewellery designer, using different types of metals gives a more dramatic look and makes it stand alone among the brides’ community. If you are a fan of diamonds, don’t hesitate to add them, as they are an evergreen trend. Also, consider a layered piece with precious stones. These types of pieces go best with a deep V neckline dress and strapless dress.

  • The return of pearls:

    You might have seen pearls in your mother or elder sister wedding photos. It is on and off trend as women love pearls as much as diamonds. However, pearls have returned to provide an elegant touch to your stunning gown. This time designers prefer them in bridal earrings and bracelets than a neck piece. Hence, if you are looking for other jewellery pieces apart from a ring, pearls are a sophisticated option.

  • Elegant belts or bracelets:

    If you think your wedding dress is going too simple for the occasion, how about pairing it with a beautiful and elegant belt. This can do wonders to your bridal gown, as it will make your dress look an expensive or designer piece. It is advisable to choose a mix of traditional and modern design belt studded with pearls or pastel colored stones.

  • Delicate pastel colors:

    You might be seeing pastel colors in nearly everything such as interior, dresses, etc. These delicate and soft colors bring style and elegance to your jewellery. How about adding the pastel colors to your bridal gold jewellery. Pair your pastel colored jewellery along with your white wedding dress to carry a soothing look. Pastel colors are a sure option for your bridal necklace, earring, bracelet or ring.

Summing up: When it is about your wedding day, you are certainly attracting every eyeball. So, you don’t need to stress out for getting everything over the top. Your wedding outfit and jewellery should reflect personal style and taste that are most comfortable in. Moreover, it is advisable to learn about the current trends and then curate what is best for you. So, go through the aforementioned jewellery trends and create a personal favourite trendsetting look for your big day.

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