Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Did you ever fantasize about the ideal house, one with a wide terrace, a fashionable rooftop, or even a vast garden? We all have that ideal home with unique elements that call to us. The majority of the new compounds have properties that can meet, if not exceed, your expectations! However, many of those gated communities come with costs that can break the wallet. But don’t worry. Nawy is here to help, offering a one-of-a-kind service called Move Now, Pay Later.

You can get your dream house in three simple steps with our financing service! Continue reading to discover the simplest method to acquire a home.


Move Now Pay Later

The move now pay later service is bringing the famous mortgage system to Egypt. Mortgage is a well-known financing system found all over the world, especially in western countries like US and Canada. Its a system where a person or an entity allows you to move in a house immediate and pay up for years in the form of installments.

Basically, our move now pay later service is the same. It includes you getting the property you want and Nawy doing all the work for you, what a steal! Now lets take a deep dive on the three simple steps to owning your dream house.


To get your dream house, you first have to find your dream house. You can do that by checking out our move now pay later inventory. Or you can even find any property you like with an owner who’s willing to give it up and we can work out a deal for you.

After finding the house you wish to buy, you can leave your contact information or request a meeting and one of our dedicated team of property consultants will immediately reach out to you. Its also worth noting that if you are having trouble finding the house you want, our property consultants can help you find it easily.

Chose your house? Then comes moving in, believe it or not its really that easy. But just before moving in, your assigned property consultant will help you get the perfect payment plan that works best for you. Keeping in mind that Nawy offers payment plans up to 10 years. So you will surely find a payment plan that will ease the financial burden on you.


After finalizing the payment plan, Nawy will handle all the hassle of documents and paperwork. All you got to do at this point is sign your name in a bunch pf papers. Following that, you can immediately start packing up and moving in.

The whole process starting from you thinking or purchasing a property till you start moving in only takes 45 days. That’s right in just 45 days (or less) you can stop dreaming about your dream house and start living in it!


The last step will stay with you for many years (based on your payment plan) but who cares, you will be already settled in your dream house and living life to the fullest.

Why waste years saving up, when you can move in immediate and pay for years? The move now pay later service is here to make your life easier and bring you the property you wish for with a hassle-free experience! What are you waiting for, visit Nawy now and get your dream house in 45 days.

If you have any inquiries or you need help choosing your property, leave your contact information or send us a quick message through the WhatsApp button and we will reach out to you.

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