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Choose Proper Wind Chimes for Your Home

Wind chimes that have a distinctive jingling sound are also often used as doorbells. From a feng shui perspective, wind chimes are also known as auspicious ornaments. However, the number of products being sold might make you confused in choosing. In this article, Wind Chimes Guide will explain how to choose and introduce you to the best recommendations for house bells.

Choose by chime type to get the right color of the sound. There are two types of wind chimes, namely bell and chime types. A bell-type that can produce a sound like a bell and a chime type that produces a distinctive sound from the collision of several metal pipes. Since everyone has their own taste, choose a wind chime with a sound you like. The chime type consists of tiny metal pipes that bump into each other to produce a cheerful, loud sound. If you want to bring a cool feel to your home when the wind is blowing, choose chime-type wind chimes.

Choose the wind chimes material based on the characteristics. Wind chimes are made of various materials, such as aluminum, brass, iron, and so on. Even so, this time we will only describe the three most commonly used materials, namely aluminum, brass, and iron.

Aluminum has a lightweight and high durability

One of the advantages of aluminum wind chimes is their lightweight. That’s why this bell made of swing easily when the door is open or exposed to the wind. That way, you can enjoy the distinctive sound of the chimes even if you only open or close the door slowly. In addition, aluminum is also a metal material that can be colored, either using ordinary paint or by the anodizing process. The result is a diverse product design. If you are looking for a product that is both attractive and strong, choose aluminum.

Brass material has an antique and classic appearance

Brass material is widely used in everyday needs, including for making crafts. Brass wind chimes have a beautiful yellow color that changes over time due to natural oxidation. This color change can give the metal an antique impression. Therefore, wind chimes made of brass are ideal for those of you who want to use chimes for a long time to get an antique feel.

Iron material has a high level of durability and sounds loud

Iron wind chimes are characterized by hard and strong materials. If you want a product that lasts, choose iron wind chimes. Apart from that, iron wind chimes are also capable of producing a loud and pleasant sound. Although visually it looks ordinary and simple, this product is actually capable of producing a sound that looks bright. The gap between these two things can be enjoyed by choosing this wind chime.

Apart from the above materials, many wind chimes are also made of copper, metal, and even bamboo which you can easily find in your favorite online shop. Please select the wind chime material that best suits your preferences and the atmosphere of your home.

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