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How to Choose the Right Company to Clean Your Carpets


Even the most luxurious carpets need some cleaning from time to time to help them maintain their charm. However, it would be for the best if you never attempted to clean a carpet yourself. Carpet cleaning requires specialized tools, and without the proper experience, it is pretty easy to ruin an expensive piece of fabric. According to Handy, it is essential to choose a good carpet cleaning company if you want to preserve your precious carpets’ quality. Here are a sample of things to check when you want to select a carpet cleaning company:

The Choices

1. Check their expertise

Never settle for someone who doesn’t have the proper training and knowledge to clean carpets properly. At the very least, you should check for people who have completed the National Carpet Cleaners Association’s training. Check for any certifications by The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) if you want to be extra safe. 

Selecting a cheap commercial company can prove to be far more costly if it doesn’t know how to do a proper cleaning job or use abrasive chemicals for cleaning tasks. 

2. Check the kind of tools, equipment, and cleaning solutions they use

The best carpet cleaning professionals use a combination of correct tools, correct cleaning materials, and proper cleaning methods to safely remove harmful dirt, grit, and other health-threatening pollutants. Thus, it would be helpful if you enquired about their cleaning process in detail. Using cheap or harsh chemicals can damage your expensive carpet, shrink them, and even leave them sticky with residue that attracts even more dirt. Using a pure shampoo and water solution doesn’t offer the best results.

Steam cleaners are not the best for cleaning carpets because they leave the carpet wet for a long time and leave residue risk. Dry carpet cleaning is also not a very good method and may void the warranty of the carpet. In most cases, using a vacuum and counter-rotating brush to remove dirt from the carpet before using a hot wind extraction offer the best results.

3. Ask them how they are different from other carpet cleaning companies

The best carpet cleaning companies offer a few distinct benefits to their customers that sets them apart from the competition. It may be a better guarantee of their service or a unique cleaning method. Whatever it may be, you have to consider your options carefully.

4. Check reviews and ratings from previous customers

Before choosing any product or service, it is always a good idea to check what the company’s past customers have to say. Most companies have an online presence, and you can easily find reviews about their service on their company page, Google listings, Yelp, Facebook, and other such places. Be wary of fake reviews as they are quite common. A lack of reviews or online presence can signify their inexperience, and you have to decide whether to proceed forward with hiring their service carefully. 


Accidents can happen at any time but being prepared for them can reduce the damage by a lot. Handy believes that you should choose a carpet cleaning company that is insured against accidental damage.

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