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Choosing a Drug or Alcohol Detox Program in Florida

Alcohol addiction and substance abuse rates in Florida are high enough and in this situation, if you happen to be one of those who are dependent on either of these intoxicants, then it is time to look for rehabs in Florida. If you realize that you are on the wrong path, then don’t delay the inevitable; make up your mind and get admitted to a rehab as soon as you can. Of course, it costs money and you would have to look up your finances but then your daily dose of alcohol or illicit drugs also cost a great deal of money. Reach out to family and friends and pool in your own income; you will be able to arrange it.   

Your objectives for going to a rehab center 

Depending on the kind of addiction you have, choose the rehab that is suitable. If you are addicted to alcohol, choose an alcohol detox center in Florida. On the other hand, if you are addicted to illicit drugs, like cocaine, fentanyl, etc. then choose a drug rehab in Florida. Thereafter, you could decide on the length of time you want the detoxification to take. Here again, it is important to listen to what the attending doctor says because s/he would know better. 

Services you are looking for – inpatient or outpatient  

If your level of dependence on alcohol or drugs is not acute, you could opt for an outpatient detox program whereby you can get the treatment at the drug or alcohol detox centers in Florida. On the other hand if your dependence on alcohol or drugs is at an acute level, you will need to get admitted to an inpatient alcohol or drug detox in Florida. An inpatient detox program would be a lot more expensive than an outpatient program and it will also be for a longer duration. Make inquiries and get all the necessary information before making the decision. 

Any specific treatment or therapy that you want 

Addiction issues can vary from one substance to another and also from one individual to another. If you are addicted to multiple substances then you would need specialized treatment at one of the drug and alcohol treatment centers in Florida. There are centers that handle patients with dual or triple diagnosis; so make your inquiries before getting admitted. 

Kind of amenities you want at the center 

Some Florida drug rehab and alcohol rehab centers offer amenities that are no less than what you can get in luxury star hotels. If you aren’t bothered about the cost that you would bear in your detoxification program, then you would know better what amenities you want at the center. However, more than 90% of the addicts find it tough to afford even the minimum cost of detoxification. If you are one of those individuals, then just ask a friend or acquaintance, “Are there any affordable detox places near me?” and they would be happy to guide you to one.  

Choose the program duration and cost carefully 

Typically for cocaine withdrawal a cocaine detox program is much longer than that of alcohol or most other illicit drugs. You need to be aware of the kind of addiction you have and make your inquiries about the time it will take for you to get detoxicated. Only then, would you be able to choose the program with the appropriate duration. 


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