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Whether your PC runs on Mac or Windows, cybercriminals have sophisticated attack mechanisms to target different machines across different operating systems. Selecting an antivirus program that is designed for your OS and tailored to your computing behaviors is critical. Not all antivirus software programs are created equal, so you need to be choosy while selecting one for yourself.

There is nothing worse than perusing the internet only to have your system slow as antivirus software thinks about your decisions. If it detects a problem, it is going to fix it without making you go through a long process. So, here are a few factors that you should consider while choosing an antivirus software.

Threat Defense

The first thing you should consider while choosing an antivirus program is protection it offers. It should protect against viruses but should also include other threats too such as spyware, trojans, worms, ransomware and more. At a minimum, it should protect you against common dangers to privacy and safety. Cyberthreats are of two types:

  • Malware: These are unwanted software programs that infect your devices or collect data from you. It includes – spyware, adware, viruses and ransomware.
  • Scams: It is a deception that tricks you into giving sensitive information or providing malicious access to your device. It includes – spam, pharming and phishing.

Real-Time Threat Prevention and Rapid Infection Removal

Any antivirus must be capable of monitoring threats in real-time and stop cybersecurity risks. Some cybersecurity software may only treat issues after they have happened. You will need a program that can proactively provide protection to your devices against any malware infection of phishing attempts. Threat Prevention software should include:


  • Reactive File Scanning: It will check any new files for danger before you open them by comparing it against full database of known risks.
  • Complete System Scans: It reviews every segment of your device for any compromised data. This can help you to be sure that nothing is lurking around undetected.
  • Web Browsing Protection: It filters the URL links and webpages to judge their safety history and the level of potential risks.


Threat removal is pre included in most of the antiviruses. Just ensure that it quarantines the potentially malicious files allowing them to review them. 

Accurate, Efficient and Reliable

With any antivirus protection, detection itself is only good if the software truly works as intended. A reliable antivirus program must:

  • Find real threats reliably without accidentally deleting your clean files. 
  • Operate without actually slowing your device.

Once the program scans your system, it should accurately say that what is malicious and what isn’t.

There are known-threat databases that are compiled by antivirus companies for easy sorting of dangerous malware. These are considered to be the backbone of antivirus system and should be kept up to date. 

Cyberthreats are constantly evolving, making people think whether to rely on antivirus software or not. But advanced antivirus programs like Avira, Avast, Bitdefender are better that most of the others. VPNoverview reviewed Avira and found that only 0.4 attacks bypassed the protection. Malware detection rates were higher. 

Another thing is that it must run without slowing your device. With antivirus software running on your background, it must not slow down your system during variety of operations like archiving/unarchiving, file copying, browsing websites, launching applications, downloading files and more.

Not all security software performs perfectly across test cases. However, you’ll find some programs are more efficient at certain tasks as compared to others. Pick a software that is tailored to your computing needs.

Easy to Use

Ensure that you can easily use and navigate the antivirus software that you choose to install. Buying an antivirus software and turning it off because it is complicated to use and will open yourself up to vulnerabilities and attacks. It should also provide regular updates which must include patches and re-configures on the fly without intervention.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to antivirus programs, there are hundreds of options available on the web. But you need to be perfect on your selection as this can be critical for your system. Consider the above mentioned factors while choosing an antivirus program for your system.

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