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When choosing an outrigger pad, you’ll need to decide whether you want wood or a composite. While wood and steel are both reliable materials, composite plastic outrigger pads are lightweight and durable, as well as chemical and moisture resistant. Whether you need a wood or a composite pad depends on the job and the number of employees you plan to have on board. Regardless of what type of outrigger you choose, proper knowledge of these outrigger pads will ensure that your crew is safe on the job.

Wood is a cheaper and more accessible material but is porous, allowing liquids and chemicals to penetrate through. This can weaken the wood, making it unreliable, and make it heavier, offering less safety. Composite outrigger pads are lightweight, which is an advantage when the environment is prone to change. The advantages of composite outrigger pads outweigh the downsides, making them a wise choice for those who want a durable pad.

A composite outrigger pad made from continuous fiberglass reinforcement is stronger and more durable than wood or UHMW plastic. FiberRigg also has a non-slip surface, which makes it more durable than wood. Depending on the job, a composite pad may be a better choice if you need to support a heavy vessel for an extended period of time. For heavy-duty cranes, fiber-reinforced outrigger pads can provide a more secure foundation.

Outrigger pads are crucial to the safety of construction workers. The smallest change in the environment can cause huge damage to construction equipment. Even a slight movement at the base of a crane can cause damage to expensive equipment. A composite outrigger pad is essential in preventing this damage. This type of pad is lightweight and durable and is also easier to transport and maintain. If you’re looking for an outrigger pad, look no further than Henan Okay Engineering’s 24×24 outrigger pads. Visit Prime Tech Pads to get outrigger pads for sale.

An American custom composite outrigger pad is long-lasting, tough, and has a high vertical load-bearing capacity. Because of their high strength, UHMWPE Composite outrigger pads and plastic crane pads are great for heavy vehicles. They’re especially useful for boom trucks. They also tend to last longer than traditional steel, nylon, or aluminum. They’re also non-toxic and non-corrosive. The company is dedicated to building a solid product that will last a long time.

A well-made outrigger pad is an essential part of a good outrigger system. Proper setup is crucial. Using outrigger pads in an incorrect way can result in an accident. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using an outrigger pad to ensure the best safety and reliability. Moreover, the outrigger manufacturer should provide a chart showing the grade and level % of the ground on which the equipment can be set up. Taking these measurements will help you determine the best size of the outrigger pad for your situation. If the ground is soft, choose a larger pad.

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