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Choosing Efficient Boiler and Heating Supplies for Your Business

Are you looking for a boiler that serves the purpose proficiently without facing frequent malfunctioning issues? If yes, then, gaining some basic technical knowledge regarding their ideal specifications is important. Boilers are contributing their significant role in broad criteria of industries such as:- 

  • Food & beverage processing plants 
  • Breweries & distilleries 
  • University & school campuses 
  • Hospitals & healthcare facilities 
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Textile manufacturing industries

Technical specifications of boilers for different industries vary on the basis of their requirement. There are some basic characteristics that can help in finalizing the most suitable boiler. You can read more on iHeat to make sure you’re headed in the right direction. We are asserting some tips in the following points for your convenience. 

Majorly considerable things while buying a boiler 

1. Decide The Medium And Fuel Type

When it comes to deciding the medium and fuel type of a boiler, you have to enhance some information regarding their categories. Talking about the medium, there are three options to select including water or steam, steam only and hot water only. The boiler and heating supplies work on oil, gas, oil & gas combination and biomass. One can select the fuel type easily available at affordable rates at that particular location. For instance, if you are buying a boiler to install in Middle-East countries, the option of oil or oil & gas combination would be perfect. 

2. Choosing The Right Size

We can classify boilers into two categories from the perspective of size. The first one is their physical size that occupies total space in the plant. The second aspect involves two things i.e. heating and hot water capability. First of all, pay attention to the overall dimensions because they should fit in the plant vertically and horizontally. In some cases, modifications may be required if heating and hot water capabilities are not available in the expected size. 

3. Selecting A Reliable Brand

Brand plays a significant role in the longevity of a boiler. Along with a longer life, it should also work flawlessly without requiring frequent services. Worcester Bosch, Buderus Boilers, Burnham, Peerless Boilers and Weil McLain. You can search online for the world-class brand available at the nearest location. Also, check their service availability. For instance, the original Burnham boiler parts are easily available even from third-party online suppliers. Nowadays, suppliers have also started accepting orders online. However, don’t forget to organize a meeting with their technical support representatives for assurance regarding the feasibility of a particular model. 

4. Weather-Friendly

In extremely fluctuating weather conditions, boilers stop working because of excess or inadequate pressure. These problems mostly occur in areas where humidity and temperature keep on changing frequently. The parts of high-quality boilers can withstand even extreme high and low temperatures conditions. Before placing your order, clarify this thing in advance. Even some branded models are also not built to work in fluctuating weather. If the climate of your location is moderate, there is no need to worry. 

5. Combustion System

Boilers available in the market work on two different types of combustion systems i.e. open and close. Oxygen is the basic requirement for combustion in boilers. The open models take oxygen from the room in which they are installed. The closed combustion systems consume oxygen through the specifically installed double-walled pipes. We recommend closed combustion systems because they produce less noise, fuel-efficient, safe from CO poisoning and don’t require a traditional chimney. 

In the end, don’t forget to consider the fuel efficiency. It is not only important to save the annual energy consumption cost but also reduces carbon emission to an extent. Also, make sure that the original boiler repair parts are not difficult to find and replace.

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