Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
Right mattress

It is said that there are almost 1.9 billion people on this earth who are overweight. So it means for every three people who weight normal, there is one person who is overweight.

Choosing the right mattress itself is a tiring process. It needs proper research to get the mattress that can give you the right kind of comfort.  Also, it has to last for quite a long time. But its more complicated if you are a bit on the heavier side or sleep with someone like that. Today we have gathered a shortcut way to make the right decision when before buying the best mattress for heavy people.

A good mattress will reduce stress right off from your joints.

First and foremost, your mattress should have the deciding quality that a right mattress possesses. It should be supportive enough to reduce pressure on your joints. The mattress also has to be able to maintain proper spine alignment as well.

Firm Edge support:

The best firm mattress for overweight’s will have firmer edge support and have excellent finishing and stitching. It makes sure the mattress does not lose its shape over long term uses. A mattress with edge support will give better support to the other parts of the mattress.

Go for a thick and firm mattress:

It is preferred to choose a relatively heavier mattress. Because thinner mattresses will not be able to take the extra weight and it may not give you the support you need for sleeping. Twelve inches thick mattress is considered better for overweight people. The same theory goes for the firmness of the mattress. It will hold the extra weight with ease. If you do not feel comfortable with the firmness, change it immediately causes this can lead to long term spine and joint pain.

Breathability is a must:

Keeping the body cool while sleeping is difficult for Heavier people. They will feel breathless while sleeping if the mattress does not have enough breathability. It interrupts sleep and hampers daily life. So make sure the fabric of your mattress has a positive track record with breathability. Nowadays the mattresses come with open cell technology that will keep you cooler. Go for gel memory foam mattress as it is going to keep you cooler. The gel foam is one of the most breathable materials.

If you already bought the wrong mattress

If it is not possible for you to buy another mattress then consider getting a mattress topper. It is affordable to purchase and makes the bed comfortable. You can get one which is made of latex. It will add extra comfort. Mattress toppers for back pain gives the support for spine and joints which is a plus point for sure. after reading this article i hope you will buy mattress but i recommend you if you going to buy a mattress then you should also buy a rugs, if you want to buy a rugs then rug buying guide size is best article on rugs so must read it

Pick dual firmness mattress for overweight couples:

If you are a couple and one of you is on the heavier side then picking a dual firmness mattress is better. If you want different firmness on each side, then the dual firmness mattress can satisfy you with its performance. It will also work just fine if both of you is overweight. Different firmness on each side will help you with the desired comfort you want.

Check out customers’ opinion:

Try to read customers’ opinion before putting your hard earned money on a mattress. With so many options around in the market, it is tough to decide which one you want to take. Take the opinion of people who purchased one already. Check what they say about breathability and comfort.


So here were some of the things that can help you pick the right mattress for overweight people a lot faster.  Comfort and support are the two key features to make sure you have picked the right one.

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