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Integra Sources offers professional Board Support Package (BSP) development services to help businesses create custom software solutions for embedded systems. Our team of experienced engineers specializes in developing BSPs for a wide range of hardware platforms, including microcontrollers, microprocessors, and system-on-chip (SoC) devices.

What Is a Board Support Package (BSP)?

A Board Support Package (BSP) is a collection of software components that allows an embedded operating system to run on a specific hardware platform. The bsp engineer low-level drivers, middleware, and other software components that are required to boot the operating system and interact with the hardware peripherals on the board. The BSP typically includes device drivers, boot loaders, kernel configurations, and other software components that are specific to the target hardware platform.

Our BSP Development Services

At Integra Sources, we offer a wide range of BSP development services to help businesses create custom software solutions for their embedded systems. Our services include:

  1. BSP Design and Configuration: Our experienced engineers will work closely with you to design and configure a custom BSP for your target hardware platform. We’ll help you select the right components and configure the BSP to meet your specific requirements.
  2. Device Driver Development: We specialize in developing device drivers for a wide range of hardware peripherals, including UARTs, SPI, I2C, USB, Ethernet, display controllers, and more. Our engineers have extensive experience working with various microcontrollers, microprocessors, and SoC devices.
  3. Boot Loader Development: We can develop custom boot loaders for your embedded system to boot the operating system and initialize the hardware peripherals on the board. Our boot loaders are optimized for fast boot times and minimal memory usage.
  4. Kernel Customization: We can customize the Linux kernel to optimize it for your specific hardware platform. Our engineers can configure the kernel to include only the drivers and features that are required for your application, reducing its size and improving performance.
  5. Middleware Integration: We can integrate middleware components into your BSP, including real-time operating systems (RTOS), file systems, networking stacks, and more. Our engineers will ensure that the middleware components are fully compatible with your hardware platform and operating system.
  6. Testing and Validation: We provide rigorous testing and validation services to ensure that your BSP is stable, reliable, and fully functional. We’ll develop test plans and procedures, perform unit testing and integration testing, and provide comprehensive documentation for your BSP.

Why Choose Integra Sources for BSP Development?

There are several reasons to choose Integra Sources for your BSP development needs:

  1. Expertise and Experience: Our team of engineers has extensive experience developing BSPs for a wide range of hardware platforms and operating systems.
  2. Custom Solutions: We provide customized BSP development solutions tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring that your software solution meets your exact needs.
  3. Quality and Reliability: We follow industry best practices and quality assurance processes to ensure that our BSP development solutions are of the highest quality and reliability.
  4. Cost-Effective Solutions: We work closely with our clients to optimize their BSP development solutions for cost-effectiveness, helping them achieve their goals within their budget constraints.
  5. Timely Delivery: We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and work tirelessly to deliver projects on time and on budget.


At Integra Sources, we specialize in providing professional BSP development services to help businesses create custom software solutions for their embedded systems. Whether you’re developing a new IoT device, a medical monitoring system, or an industrial automation solution, our team of experienced engineers has the expertise to turn your vision into reality. Contact us today to learn more about our BSP development services and how we can help you succeed.

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