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Whether you want to launch an e-commerce website, a corporate website or a personal blog, you will need the services of a good secure website hosting company Bangladesh. With numerous providers claiming to be the best, how do you sift through them all to settle for a host that meets your needs?

Your hosting needs

  1. To get the right host, you should first, understand your hosting needs. Ask yourself the following questions:
  2. What is the content management system using? Is it WordPress, Joomla, or Magenta?
  3. What type of website are you setting up? Is it a corporate website, a personal blog or a portfolio website?
  4. Will you need special software to code the website, such as Java, NET, PHP, etc?
  5. How much traffic do you intend to attract
  6. Are you looking forward to building several websites?
  7. Ensure you answer these questions objectively and honestly. It will determine the type of host you’re looking for.

The web host’s server uptime

It’s important for the web host server to operate around the clock to ensure your website audience can access your site anytime. Any downtime might as well mean losing not only traffic to your website but also revenue. So, you need to choose a web host that operates on a strong server with stable network connections and robust hardware. You should only choose a web host with an uptime of 99.5 percent or higher. Anything below that is unreliable.

Upgrade options

When starting a new website, it’s recommended you opt for a shared web hosting plan. That way, you can save money on hosting as your website grows. Shared hosting refers to web hosting where one web server serves numerous websites. Most web hosting firms provide shared hosting these days.

Approximately, a shared web hosting account can support an optimized WordPress website that gets 35,000 to 50,000 visitors. If you’re expecting the website to grow into something huge in two or three years, you should consider the upgrade options that the web host offers.

You may want to migrate from shared hosting to dedicated or VPS hosting later where there’s more disc space, processing power, and memory capacity. Therefore, don’t forget to inquire whether your preferred web hosting company in Bangladesh has these upgrade options.

Sign up and renewal cost

Website hosting in Abu Dhabi might look cheap especially when it comes to shared hosting plans. This is because most companies only show you the initial cost per month or year, which they typically discount to attract new customers. While the signup fees may look cheap, the renewal rate is usually high. So, at the time of signup, just check or inquire more about the renewal rate and ensure you’re comfortable with it to avoid unpleasant surprises later on.

Site backups

It’s important that your web host regularly backs up your website on the server. Backups are crucial because your website may crash due to a hacker messing with the index.php file or the entire database. You can also be busy customizing the site’s code and erroneously delete a code or add one with errors and be unable to correct it. So, to ensure you’re safe, be sure to ask your potential host the following questions:

  1. Do you regularly take automatic backups?
  2. Does the admin control panel come with site backup options?
  3. Do you have an option for manual website backup?
  4. Do you provide help in restoring the backup?
  5. Do you have a plugin for website backup?

With the above factors in mind, you will not go wrong when looking for a company that provides website hosting in Abu Dhabi.

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