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In the fields of motivational speaking, clinical hypnotherapy-psychotherapy, and executive coaching, Christoffel George Sneijders is a shining example of creativity and metamorphic insight. Sneijders, who was born in Amsterdam in 1965, has dedicated more than thirty years to working with individuals throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia, the USA, and Australia in the areas of business training, executive coaching, and therapy.

Sneijders’s groundbreaking 3 Brains Theory—Head, Heart, and Gut—as well as his deep understanding of human behavior have catapulted him into the international spotlight. His influence goes beyond conventional coaching sessions; 3 Brains Intelligence has global significance, and listeners can hear him via podcasts, webinars, and articles in prestigious magazines like Brainz Magazine

The Head, Heart, and Gut as the 3 Brains: A Theory and Intelligence Model

The concept of the 3 brains—one in the head, one in the heart, and one in the gut—which has received scientific support forms the basis of Sneijders’ revolutionary methodology. Inspired by the research of Paul Ivan Yakolev, this groundbreaking hypothesis postulates that the brain evolved by the stomach to secure food and that the structures of the central nervous system evolved from the inside out.

The discovery of neuro-cardiologist Dr. Armour and Professor of Pathology and Cell Biology Dr. Michael D. Gershon of brains in the heart and stomach, respectively, further supports the 3 Brains Theory. According to its biological and evolutionary roles, each brain is crucial to reactions, choices, and actions. Understanding each brain’s unique resources—hormones, neurotransmitters, biophysical communication, electromagnetic energy, memory systems, temporal awareness, and spoken language—is crucial, according to Sneijders.

In order to ensure existence, the Gut-Brain establishes personal success and safety as well as reproduction and food. In order to survive, the Heart-Brain prioritizes forming relationships and connections with other people. In order to complement the other brains, the Head-Brain makes accurate forecasts using case and affect analysis. Life becomes a tune that resonates with one’s innermost self when these 3 intelligence centers function in unison. Just like the opposite is true Sneijders’ “3 Brains Theory” warns against the pitfalls of living dominated by just one brain. Over-reliance on the logical Head Brain might lead to a lack of true happiness, with tendencies towards perfectionism, obsessive-compulsive disorder, headaches, and procrastination emerging. Conversely, being driven primarily by the emotional Heart Brain can lead to repeated heartbreaks and issues like burnout, eating disorders, neglect of self-care, and even susceptibility to chronic diseases and abusive relationships. Similarly, if the instinctual Gut Brain takes the lead, one might achieve success, but at the cost of becoming controlling, distrustful, and aggressive, potentially leading to a life of isolation. This highlights the need for a balanced approach, integrating the strengths of all three brains for a fulfilling life.

The Path to Triple Brain Intelligence

Sneijders’ firsthand experience working with people who were dealing with a variety of issues inspired him to develop the 3 Brains Theory (Head, Heart, and Gut). As a result of this practical experience, he realized that humans share a common biological design with 3 brains, which provided him with profound insights into the universal characteristics of human nature.

In 2017, Sneijders was driven to spread this revolutionary knowledge to the globe after observing a client make a miraculous recovery from a session based on the 3 Brains Theory. His desire to make a difference in the world by promoting compassion above selfishness inspired him to publish books, present webinars, and create coaching certifications based on the 3 Brains Intelligence.

Novel Platforms: Books and Accredited Instruction

Sneijders is the author of two enlightening books that explore the complex interplay between the 3 brains in intimate and professional relationships. Relationships?  and How Men & Women Fit: Finally Understand Your Partner with The 3 Brains. The 3 Brains idea is explained in detail in Which Brain is Talking? The Ultimate Guide to Happy, Healthy & Successful Relationships.

To amplify the reach of his innovative platform, Sneijders created the 3 Brains – Head, Heart, and Gut – Coach Certification Training. This International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited training equips individuals to work effectively with the 3 Brains Intelligence, fostering transformative coaching approaches.

Recognition and Impact Worldwide

Christoffel Sneijders’ global influence and recognition in the coaching community were demonstrated in 2023 when Influence Digest Media ranked him one of the top 15 coaches in Madrid. His influence is felt not just during coaching sessions but also at several worldwide gatherings where he presents his groundbreaking theory of the 3 brains.

Final Thoughts: Acknowledging Humanity’s Complexity

The trailblazing 3 Brains Intelligence platform developed by Christoffel Sneijders goes beyond conventional coaching techniques. Thousands of people all around the world have had their lives changed by his real insight and passion for accepting the true wonders of human neurology. Sneijders encourages people to pursue their aspirations by providing a comprehensive grasp of the interrelated wisdom of the 3 brains, generating a better feeling of connection and purpose in an ever-evolving world.

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