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Chunkbase Features With Usage to Find the Best Minecraft Seeds and Locate Biomes

Minecraft is a game with a sandbox that can look terrible because of the graphics but it has one of the biggest game fields with many features that keep a hook for all the players who just want to try for once. It is all about a player’s creativity and how far they will go to succeed in this game.

But we are talking about Chunkbase here which is a tool with a lot of features that helps in use to find the best Minecraft seeds and how to locate biomes because the world of Minecraft is just infinite and the mapping system becomes such an important part especially if you are a new player and want to play with engagement.

Urge to Play Minecraft

It is no joke that a game has found so much success in such a limited time after its launch in 2009 where the founder has generated rave reviews for the gameplay experience. But what is so special? The special thing is making structures and a chance to extract raw materials where we can craft our tools and machines which we will use in the game.

Let’s find out in this article about a tool that makes it easy for new players like us if you have the craving to play Minecraft with interest and want to get success, Chunkbase with some of the related terms people search to find out which includes chunkbase seed map, minecraft chunkbase,chunkbase minecraft, and chunkbase bedrock in detail. So Stay Tuned to the end. 

What is Chunkbase?

It is an external utility platform, especially for the Minecraft game where it allows the players to find out some certain biomes and structures that could help in the seeds which the player needs to put down to win the respective game. The players earn the ability to minimize the errors in the game after using this platform.

What is Chunkbase

It provides the apps, mods, maps, and tutorials to the users for a better gameplay experience and they have more resources to provide if you want to check out the official website. The hits on the website are 5.8 million user visits approximately where it ranks 10934 worldwide and 9,922 in USA in the traffic according to the December 2023 data.

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Size of the company

It supports all the versions of Minecraft from Java Edition 1.7 to bedrock counting 1.14 and this all culminates into a great destination for all new players of Minecraft. It was founded in November 2012 and we don’t know yet the founder of this platform because it’s not publicly listed anywhere.

The total revenue of this platform is between 2 and 5 million dollars with the employees count between 11 to 50 which makes it a small startup company which are operating for the betterment of the new players.  

Compass Use

There is a compass which is located at the top of the left corner of the seed map which helps the player find the exact location of the spawn, they provide different options to the players so that they can explore structures carefully and will be able to locate biomes properly to get success in the gameplay.

After all the details about the platform, you must be very curious to know how to use this platform correctly to get the maximum results in the Minecraft game. We have discussed that below in detail so that new users don’t get to face any difficulties in playing a world-class game. 

How to use Chunkbase?

There is a very easy way to use this platform where you don’t have to make much effort and you’ll be able to use it properly as we have enlisted below for you. Just read it to the last and try to at least test this platform once because your own experience will tell you to go further or not.

How to use Chunkbase

  • Search the Chunkbase on the search bar of any search engine and go to the official website.
  • Choose the tool that you want to use in the gameplay such as seed maps, village finder, slime chunk finder, etc.
  • You just have to enter the seed in Minecraft.
  • Click the bedrock Edition version for better gameplay
  • Just select the dimension.

If you are wondering about using Dungeon Finder, we don’t know how to use it. After that, we’ll use the other benefits, which we have explained in detail below for your convenience.

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How to use Dungeon Finder?

If you want to use Dungeon Finder, you’ll have to follow some rules before that which are given below:

  • First, you’ll have to visit the official website to start with.
  • There you’ll be led to the Dungeon Finder page after reading cautiously all the details.
  • On the dungeon finder page, you’ll see the seed and version box.
  • If you want a quick start, just put the seed on the top, if you can see, of the text box and there just press the Find Dungeon tab for further activity.
  • Now you will finally be able to see the map and can use it which contains dungeons and maps which have different colors which we have discussed below in detail for better understanding.
  • Orange Color has multiple Spawners in the Chunk.
  • Grey Color has Skeleton Spawners.
  • Green Color for Zombies Spawners.
  • Red Color has Spider Spawners.

To Sum Up

There are some items that we will have to find before finding a dungeon which we will have to carry in the gameplay so that we can win the game.

  • Torches: It is perhaps one of the most important items that we will have to carry in lightning up the dungeon caves so that we can just cover the spawner with the torch to defeat the dungeon, on each side of the block for the win. 
  • Weapons: It is very crucial to carry some weapons like a sword, bow, or arrow so that we can save ourselves from the attack of zombies.
  • Armor: A player can carry any armor so that they can save themselves from the attack of monsters.
  • Pickaxe: It will help you in defeating and killing the spawners for the last moment wins.

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