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Are you planning a future as a scary-looking witch? Or do you have children with crooked teeth? Because a crooked teeth smile looks lovely only on children or in horror movies. For many the crooked teeth, deformed teeth, protruding teeth, and chipped teeth have caused them not to have that perfect smile. This medical problem has a solution that has been practiced for years now- braces. They too have various variations. If you want to mend your teeth without covering them with wires and bands then clear aligners are your best choice. Nashville family dentistry will guide you in this blog about the benefits and challenges that clear aligners accompany with them. Let us have a look.

Benefits Of Using Clear Aligners-By Nashville Family Dentistry

Clear Aligners, as the name suggests are without wires and bands, thus are easy and comfortable to use by the patients. It is a discreet method of straightening those deformed teeth with its unique design. Let’s have a look at the advantages associated with them:

Aligners are clear

In the past, ‘Metal Mouth’ or nicknames like these have been associated with teenagers having braces. This reduces their chance to blend in with their peers. Whereas past researches show that teenagers like to mingle with their kind. Metal braces make it quite embarrassing for them resulting in depression, anxiety, and lower self-confidence. As a result, the reluctance to adopt this method is very high by many. Whereas Clear aligners have no brackets or metal wires attached to them, making them nearly impossible to detect. They are invisible. Thus, clear aligners can be worn to correct those crooked teeth without feeling any hesitation or embarkment.

Smile has always played a powerful role in human interaction. Crooked or deformed teeth will always create a hindrance. Thus by using clear aligners, elders will be able to smile with confidence, resulting in an increase in social interaction.

Aligners are easy to use

Traditional braces limit your food options. One has to avoid hard, brittle, and sticky food and you are also stuck with them 24*7. Whereas clear aligners bring ease and convenience to your life. One can easily remove them whenever they want especially while eating food. Thus using clear aligners feels like a breath of fresh air.

Managing your dental hygiene is much easier

Clear aligners help you manage your oral health easily. One can easily remove them while eating food or brushing your teeth. This helps in cleaning your gums, teeth, and tongue thoroughly unlike braces where the wires and brackets are stuck to your teeth, always and maneuvering your toothbrush around them is a hassle.

You get to skip the issues braces bring with them

Some of the side effects that braces have are as follows

Increased oral abrasions

Oral abrasions are injuries caused by broken wires or brackets inside the mouth. It is one of the most common issues faced by people who wear braces. People wearing clear aligners get to skip this ordeal altogether.

Flossing becomes a huge challenge

Due to wires and brackets, flossing becomes a huge challenge for kids and teenagers. Braces discourage them to floss. As a result, they completely lose the habit of flossing which leads to cavities in the future.

On the contrary, clear aligners have no such hassle. You can easily remove them while eating, brushing, and flossing.

Braces get discolored easily

The brackets easily discolor the area where they are placed creating. As a result, your mouth has a variety of shades of white w.r.t the teeth.

Clear aligners save time

Research suggests that clear aligners are the quickest way to improve the alignment of crooked or deformed teeth as compared to metal braces. For example, generally, metal braces may take up to two years to correct the alignment of your teeth whereas metal aligners can do the same thing in a year or so.


Best dentist in Nashville like Dillard Dental Services recommends the use of clear aligners for their patients to get their crooked teeth aligned as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the disadvantages of clear braces?

Ans: Clear braces tend to have bigger brackets than conventional braces. As a result, it gets more difficult to floss and clean properly.

Q: Which type of braces works faster?

Ans: The effectiveness of the braces is highly dependent on the issue at hand. History indicates that most professionals suggest clear aligners are the fastest way to correct the alignment of your teeth.

Q: Do clear aligners turn yellow?

Ans: As clear Aligners can be easily removed, as a result, there are fewer chances of food getting stuck. Thus, the chances of clear aligners getting yellow are minimum. Even if they get yellow, rinse them thoroughly so that it returns back to their original shade.

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