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In recent years, movements to utilize such an unprecedented marketing situation have been seen everywhere in the web marketing world. Now more than 65% of the world’s population uses some kind of social media at least once a month to connect with acquaintances. With this online presence, social media marketing plays an influential role in all marketing-related departments and operations. But we don’t have accurate knowledge about how to do effective social media marketing.

To solve this problem, you have to perfect solutions like Close Connects, which is a social media marketing company that is dedicated to building connections with your actual customer. This marketing company’s primary method is that it uses social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LINE.

In this article, we will introduce in detail Close Connects & the CEO Coachsamuelg, and that treats clients like family and successful cases of actual use.

Chapter-1: Ultimate Goal of “Close Connects” company

The motto of this company is that “We build connections, not clients” This means it design a new communication that actively contacts consumers. “Close Connects” company professionals propose communication design after understanding the overall optimization. It is a measure to deliver advertisements or promotions, and its ultimate goal is to increase sales by using social media marketing.

With this company, you can convert advertisements into entertainment content, and conversely, design communication that encourages active contact from consumers. Thereby its will strengthen the engagement between companies and customers with a strategic plan that comprehensively considers stock-type media and flow-type media that accumulate information.

It goes without saying that information is sent to users, but the primary purpose of “Close Connects” company is to listen to the user’s real voice on social media, get closer to the user, and become a fan of companies and services. To learn more, you can visits “Close Connects” Instagram.


Chapter-2: What are the Benefits of the “Close Connects” company?

  • Cost reduction:

“Close Connects” company enables cost reduction. If your customers become brand leaders, you can spread your brand without spending a lot of money. If you can connect with influential fans on social media, they can be your brand leaders and even customer service. If they are acting on your behalf, you can give them some special information.

  • Customer loyalty:

Results vary greatly depending on business type and fan base, so test your hypothesis and follow the numbers with the “Close Connects” company. You may have tried campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Which one has the most repeats? With “Close Connects” company, you can be able to attracting new customers because it attracts sale-loving consumers, while Facebook, Twitter, and others can continue to be deeply involved even if they experience a “Facebook-only” sale.

  • Incorporate user feedback:

Due to the “Close Connects” company’s natural features, social media (especially Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., which have many users) allows you to hear live reactions from users in real-time. It can be an evaluation of a company or a response to the content sent out, but it hides web marketing measures, and by extension, issues and improvements that the company as a whole should tackle.

  • Getting your companies familiarity:

The fact that companies and users have the same perspective means that it is an environment where familiarity is easily created between them. By devising the way, content is transmitted, and how it is involved, it will be possible to get closer to the user and have a sense of intimacy.

For that purpose, excessive marketing and promotion of products and services may not only be effective but may also give a negative impression. It is safer to avoid it as much as possible. Familiarity with the company for users will be very successful as one of the triggers to support the purchase of products and services.

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