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Hemorrhoidectomy is the process to manage or treat piles or hemorrhoids. The procedure is used to remove severe piles condition – both internal and external. A lot of people do not get symptoms or avoid mild symptoms of piles such as itching or burning in the anal region. The causes of hemorrhoids are chronic constipation, excessive diarrhea and straining during a bowel movement. So, hemorrhoidectomy is recommended by doctors to a lot of patients. 

Most people find these symptoms embarrassing to share it with someone, not even doctors. Hence, they start using conservative methods such as ointment for piles, stool softeners to prevent constipation, laxatives and some home remedies that directly come from the Indian kitchen. Know why hemorrhoidectomy is advised and how it is performed. 

Why do people choose hemorrhoidectomy?

If a patient is advised for hemorrhoidectomy, it means he or she is going through grade 3 or grade 4 piles or both internal and external piles. Hemorrhoidectomy is the surgical procedure that is needed to treat additional anal and rectal conditions along with piles. 

Sometimes if piles are left untreated, they become strangulated piles where the blood supply to the internal piles is cut off. It is an extremely discomforting situation wherein the patient has to go through a lot of pain. 

Another condition where a piles patient needs a hemorrhoidectomy is thrombosed piles. This is a condition when arteries that supply blood to the hemorrhoids get blocked and there are blood clots in the affected area. However, there are different types of hemorrhoidectomy, closed hemorrhoidectomy is the most commonly performed surgery to treat internal. 

What is the difference between closed and open hemorrhoidectomy?

Closed hemorrhoidectomy is a surgical removal of piles tissues and closing the wound with sutures. It is usually successful and chances of recurrence are less. Post surgery complications include pain, bleeding, fecal impaction, fecal incontinence and anal stricture. 

Open hemorrhoidectomy is the surgical procedure that is conducted when the location of the disease is difficult to close or the risk of infection post-surgery is higher. It is not as common as closed surgery. Sometimes a surgeon decides to go for closed surgery but might end up leaving the wound due to complications. It is similar to closed hemorrhoidectomy but the incisions are left open in this case. If the wound is left open, it heals naturally from inside out. It is easier to clean an open wound in case of any infection.  

Why is closed hemorrhoidectomy preferred over open?

The reason it is very obvious for the doctor to opt for closed hemorrhoidectomy is that the stitches incisions heal much faster than the wounds or incisions that are left open to heal. The patients who undergo open hemorrhoidectomy are believed to take more time to heal after surgery (3-4 weeks) whereas those who get treated with closed hemorrhoidectomy are believed to recover faster than open surgery. But in both the surgeries the pain is equivalent to post-procedure. 

What to expect after hemorrhoidectomy?

After the surgery, whether open or closed, the surgeon asks you to visit for regular follow-ups. As there is too much pain post surgery, the doctor may prescribe pain relieving medicines. Sitz bath is also a part of quick recovery and pain management. It soothes the treated area thereby reducing the pain and discomfort post-surgery. Some people experience irregular bowel movements, therefore, the healthcare provider may also recommend laxatives or stool softeners to ease bowel movement. 

There are some patients who return to normal routine within 10 days after the surgery. Therefore, consult a doctor for best piles treatment. Get all the necessary information about the treatment of hemorrhoids, its advantages, side-effects and complications. Also, inform about your medical condition such as history of surgery(if any), any medical history, medications or supplements if you take any so that the surgeon can suggest you to make the necessary changes a few days before the surgery. 

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