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Trading in the financial market has received immense attention in recent years. The need for individuals to establish alternative sources of income has become crucial amid dire global economic challenges.

The financial market has always served as a platform for individuals to invest, trade, and make profits. However, trading in the financial market requires tact and well thought out strategies to succeed. The market is highly volatile, and any poor sense of judgment may end up with you getting your fingers burnt.

The lingering question on the minds of individuals who seek to enter the world of trading is how do I get a reliable broker? The financial market is littered with numerous brokers offering traders several financial instruments to trade.

The promise of immense profits to clients seemed to be the unanimous chants of all of them. However, not all brokers are genuine.  They may appear legitimate and real, but scrutiny on their services would reveal something different. Traders have constantly fallen prey to the deceit of sham brokers.

One obvious factor that has fueled the explosion of fraudulent brokers in the industry is the public’s seeming attraction to the gains of the financial market. As a result, more stringent measures are being enforced by supervisory and regulatory bodies to checkmate the incidences of fraud and identity theft.

The huge proliferation of trading platforms into the market is making the sanitization of the industry more problematic. Hence every trader is encouraged to be more responsible as they embark on their trading activities.

Traders must depend on independent assessment and reviews of brokers to help them form their decision on picking a broker.  A well-detailed review uses standard metrics to measure the services of a broker and issue a recommendation to traders.

This recommendation would form the basis of a trader’s decision to accept or dismiss the services of a broker. This review of Coinepro is aimed at helping traders or intending traders to be fully aware of the broker’s services and help enrich their selection process for a broker.

Similarly, we can categorically say that our reviews are fair, unbiased, and a true reflection of the broker under review.

In the course of this article, we would measure the services of using some standard metrics in the industry.

Besides, we would also be answering some vital questions that may be plaguing the minds of traders. These questions bother on reliability, profitability, ease of deposits and withdrawals, etc.

A general overview of Coinepro

Coinepro is one of the honest and reputed brokers in the financial market.  Coinepro has a wide global reach and offers traders numerous trading instruments, a platform that guarantees a seamless and exciting trading experience.

The broker is committed to delivering excellent services backed by cutting edge technology that ensures profits for the investor. Coinepro has unrivaled liquidity in comparison to its competitors in the industry.

The broker ensures that traders are exposed to extraordinary trading software designed to promote satisfactory trading and profitability.

Wide range of trading assets 

Trading with a broker that offers numerous trading assets can be very helpful. This is because traders can easily diversify their portfolios and withstand the impact of market volatility of some financial instruments.

The following are some trading assets offered by Coinepro.

Forex: The forex is a highly liquid market. It involves the trading of currency pairs. The forex market is characterized by major players in the financial sector, including government-owned financial agencies, investment banks, large financial corporations, and the general public.

Commodities: The commodity market is less volatile in comparison with the forex market. Trading in commodities is an exquisite investment enterprise.

It pertains to the buying and selling of raw materials such as precious crude oil, coffee, sugar, wheat, etc. Coinepro offers traders the opportunity to invest in commodities to reap from the lucrative possibilities it delivers.

Stocks: Investors who desire to have a stake in major companies around the world can engage in the stock market. Companies rely on the stock market to generate capital to drive development, expansion, or in formulating a new product.

Traders can trade stocks on Coinepro in the most convenient and profitable way. The broker offers Investors on the platform valuable tips that positively enhance their trading and investment decisions.

The trading of stocks across established markets on the Coinepro network is undoubtedly a favorable experience.

Indices: The indices market is highly volatile. However, traders can also profit from it. There are several indices available on the Coinepro platform. They include the S&P 500, CAC 40, Hang Seng, FTSE 100, ASX 200, Nikkei 225, EURO STOXX 50.

What are the types of trading account on the Coinepro platform?

Coinepro discerns that traders’ investment choices are different. As a result, the broker has carefully designed multiple trading accounts that meet the aspirations of every trader.

The broker offers it’s clients four unique trading accounts. Each account is fitted to meet individual traders’ needs irrespective of their trading experience in the financial market.

Here are the different accounts offered on Coinepro 

  • Green Account

The green account is primarily designed for traders who are newcomers in the trading business. Likewise, traders who are limited in finance can use this account to kick start their trading adventure. The minimum trading deposit of the green account is $5,000.

Traders of this account can enjoy the following benefits:

Daily market reviews and updates.

Positive leverage points.

EBooks and webinars

Professional financial educators.

Extensive academy training

  • Premium account

Next, in line with the green account, is the premium account. Traders who have earned a relatively significant proficiency in the act of trading can opt for this account. The account can be opened with a minimum trading balance of $50,000.

The account offers other unique features including

Zero spreads on account

Favorable leverage of 1:2 for UST pairs.

Positive loyalty points.

Access to financial professionals that supply traders and investors with relevant trading information.

  • Executive Account

This account is exclusive for traders who have achieved a great degree of trading mastery in the financial market. As a result of their ability in the act of trading, holders of the executive account are likely to be more adventurous in their trading activity.

The minimum required deposit for this account is $100,000. The executive account comes with perks such as:

Daily market reviews and updates

Positive leverage feature

EBooks and webinars

Extensive access to academy training.

Access to a financial advisor dedicated to guiding the trader to make sound trading moves.

  • President Account

The ultimate account at Coinepro is the president’s account. It is the highest account offered by the broker and only available to traders who have attained vast knowledge in trading.

The minimum trading deposit for the president’s account is  $250,000. The risk level for holders of this account is high, and only investors capable of withstanding such risks can open this account. The president account is laced with immense benefits such as:

Daily market reviews and updates

Positive leverage feature

EBooks and webinars

Extensive access to academy training.

Access to a professional financial advisor

Customized loyalty points

Decent leverage points to increase profits.

A real-time trading tool that assists traders to make useful investment judgments.

Top-notch trading platform 

Trading is carried out on a platform. The trading platform is the digital environment where trading takes place. For some traders, a seamless trading platform is the main attraction for them.

Traders love a tremendous and user-friendly trading platform that ensures a productive trading adventure. Coinepro offers traders a distinct trading platform that can be accessed from any device be it a desktop, laptop, or smartphone.

The three trading platforms accessible by traders onCoinepro are:

  • Meta trader(MT4)

Meta trader 4 is the most renowned trading platform in the industry.  The platform was built to accomplish speculative trading online. Traders can easily download the meta-trader (MT4)software on the Coinepro website at no monetary cost.

  • Mobile Trader

Trading has rapidly transitioned from a desktop base medium to smartphones. Traders can now access their trading accounts using their smartphones at any given point in time. They can manage their portfolios with the use of the mobile trader.

The mobile trader app can be assessed by both Android and iPhone users. Traders using Android-based devices can download the app from the Android play store, while users of Apple iPhones can download the software from the iOS store.

  • Web Trader

The web trader platform is developed for traders who trade directly from the internet. Unlike the mobile application software, the web trader platform does not require any downloads or installation.

Easy and safe payment methods and withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals can be quite complicated on the platforms of some brokers. However, Coinepro has clearly shown that depositing and withdrawing of funds can indeed be done with ease.

Depositing and withdrawals of funds on the broker’s platform are quite simple and seamless. Traders can deposit their funds on the platform by utilizing several payment procedures such as Master card, direct bank transfer, Union pay, etc.

A minimum deposit card of $5 is mandated, and there are zero fees charged for deposits. Deposit processing on the Coinepro platform is quite fast.

Fast and straightforward. 

The procedures for withdrawal of funds are pretty much the same. Traders on the platform can effortlessly withdraw funds via wire transfer and also through credit and debit cards, etc.

To ensure that the withdrawal procedures on the broker’s platform are secured, traders are compelled to show proof of identity and proof of residency. Coinepro ensures that the withdrawal method is explicit and hassle-free.

Resourceful educational training tools and materials

A remarkable element of Coinepro is that it’s clients benefit from a wide range of resourceful educational tools and materials irrespective of the type of account owned by the trader.

Traders must be tutored as they steer through the market. The broker has developed a well comprehensive and strategic trading protocol for its traders, tailored to ensure success for traders.

Coinepro education tools are designed to meet the special needs of the traders, whether they are beginners or professionals in the game.


There are a host of educational tools accessible to clients on Coinepro. Traders can select from the collection of educational tools and resources available to the.

Here are some educational tools and resources that are usable on Coinepro


Videos and webinars

Fundamental and in-depth training courses

Academy training for traders

Demo Account

Trading is in the financial market is a skill that is mastered after constant training and practice. The volatility of the financial market makes it crucial for traders to have a minimum trading background.

Developing trading experience can be achieved from trading with an account known as the demo. Coinepro offers beginners in trading to improve their trading skills with the use of a demo account.

Traders are presented virtual currencies on the account which they use to place and execute trades. Interestingly trading done here is a simulation of the actual trading. Traders can take advantage of the demo account to amass knowledge required to be successful in the trading industry.

What is leverage trading on Coinepro?

Traders on Coinepro can benefit from a unique feature known as leverage trading. It is a trading pattern in which investors can trade with more than the money they have domiciled in their accounts.

Skilled traders can take advantage of leverage to meet their trading aspirations. The broker offers leverage trading to its traders as an additional feature on its platform. Traders utilize the functional leverage positions to create trading earnings.

Newbies can strengthen their trading positions once they have earned substantial proficiency in trading. Traders on Coinepro can receive leverage of 1:400 based on the financial instrument that is traded.

Leverage trading on Coinepro permits that the trading balance for traders does not enter into the negative.

Furthermore, the broker also offers favorable spreads for its traders.

Spreads begin from 2pips for the least accounts on the broker’s platform. Traders can also select other trading procedures that support payment of commission on their account.

Traders who do not want the broker to earn income from their account in the form of spreads can adopt leverage trading as an alternative.

How safe and secured is Coinepro

Traders desire a broker whose services are not only safe but secured. Coinepro is a respected broker that has over the years proven its integrity and transparency.

The broker has also recognized the importance of the privacy of its clients. For some other brokers, the privacy of their clients is repeatedly jeopardized, leaving them very vulnerable to cyber theft.

Coinepro has sufficiently taken measures to ensure the accounts of its traders are safe and secured. To enable this to work, clients are instructed to submit their personal information that are then verified.

Similarly, Coinepro is SSL certified, which means that their clients’ information is safe and protected. To further strengthen the safety of funds of its clients, the broker has created separate accounts where funds of clients are deposited.

Security on Coinepro is also bolstered with the implementation of the Anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) policies. Both measures seek to safeguard traders’ funds and ensure that any act of theft, fraud, and money laundering is easily detected and eliminated on the platform.

Final thought 

Based on the metrics analyzed in this review, it is safe to say that Coinepro is one broker that has been consistent in maintaining a flawless track record in the industry. The broker positively ticks all the right boxes and distinguishes itself as a reliable and trusted broker.

The broker has exhibited honesty and transparency in the managing of its undertakings. A number of measures have been taken by the broker to ensure the safety of funds of its clients. The creation of segregated accounts for deposited funds further enhances the broker’s resolve to maintain its status as a transparent brokerage outfit.

Concerning all variables analyzed by this review, Coinepro should be the ideal choice for traders who desire to trade in the most fulfilling way.

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