Tue. Apr 16th, 2024
Cold Weather Essentials You Need to Buy

The UK’s winter weather is a strange mix. A single day can go through all sorts of weather: from blue skies to heavy rain, hail or even snow. Your wardrobe needs to be ready to face all of the elements. It should be practical and stylish. We’ve collected a few pieces that can help steer you through the season. 


Women’s thermals are a game-changer for winter. They act as a base layer for your wardrobe, keeping you nice and cosy while letting you be creative with the rest of your outfits. They’re also great for keeping you warm while getting active outside. If you’ve been going on lots of winter walks or lots of runs, you’ll notice the difference when you wear thermals. It’s not just outdoors either, thermals are perfect to snuggle into at the end of a long day. 


Let’s move on from the thermals and on the layers to themselves. They give you a great opportunity to add a splash of colour into your winter looks and reflect your style. It also means you don’t have to retire your summer wardrobe for a season. You can incorporate a summer dress into your layering. Pair it with wool tights and a thick knit cardigan. Or perhaps you’d rather opt for blouses and jumpers. Play around with various layers and see which combinations you like the most. 

Winter Coat 

You can’t get through a winter without the right coat. It needs to be one which allows for layers underneath it while offering warm itself. Versatility is key. It’s also important to invest in a piece which will last you for several seasons, not just whatever’s on-trend now. Opt for timeless cuts like a wrap or trench coat. You’ll be relying on this coat a lot so make sure you feel comfortable and confident in it.


Finally, you need to think about what’s going on your feet. You need to get yourself a reliable pair of boots. There’s a wide range of styles you can pick from: Chelsea, hiker, knee-high. The right pair of boots can carry you some season to season so you need to pick a pair that suit your style and compliment other looks in your wardrobe. 

Winter may be a miserable season for some, but your wardrobe doesn’t have to be. Have fun picking your pieces and experimenting with colours. What are some of your winter wardrobe essentials? 


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