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Are you interested in knowing how to request and collect the bonuses offered by casinos? It is common to find advertising banners as soon as you enter the casino and it is also common for casinos to have a section called ‘Promotions’ dedicated to collecting all available bonuses and offers.

Casino bonuses are easy to use when you use casino bonus codes, however how they work is not always explained properly. Below we will explain in detail how to order them and, even more important, how to charge them.

Promotions that offer bonuses are a great attraction for online casinos to attract new players, but they are also a great opportunity to make users have more money to play. It is difficult to find a person who does not like a bonus, so it is time for you to know how to ask for them and enjoy them from the first moment.

These are the Points that we are Going to Detail in this Article:

  • How to request the bonuses of an online casino? Take a look at the steps to follow to receive your promotion
  • How to use casino bonuses? Make the best possible use of the extra money you’ve received
  • How to collect casino bonuses? Complete the conditions of a promotion
  • Different contributions of games to rollover and practical example

How to Request the Bonuses of an Online Casino?

Enjoying casino bonuses is very easy. Some of them you will receive instantly when you register and open your account in a casino, however for others you will have to deposit money. We explain everything to you below!

Let’s see what are the Steps to Follow if you want to Request a Bonus:

  • Register at the casino
  • Accept and enjoy the no deposit bonus
  • Make a deposit with your preferred payment method
  • Ask for the welcome bonus. Remember that sometimes you can also receive bonuses automatically

Enjoy the casino bonus codes!On the other hand, if you are a member of a casino’s VIP club, you will receive bonuses and special offers with better conditions than other players.

1. Register at the Online Casino that Interests you

The first step you will have to take is to open a user account on the game portal that interests you the most. If you still don’t know which one to choose, Betfair or 888casino are some of the best-known casinos in Spain.

You will have to complete the registration form with your personal information, that is, with your full name, address and contact information. In addition, you must also provide your DNI or NIE number.It is very important that you use real data because later you will have to verify it.

2. Accept the no Deposit Bonus

Some of the more generous casinos give their customers no deposit bonuses just for opening an account as a new player.

Generally, no deposit bonuses are automatically given to all players, although sometimes the user has to confirm whether they want to or not.

It may also happen that a bookmaker or online casino requests verification of the user’s account before giving the no deposit bonuses.

In this case, all you will have to do is send a photocopy of your identification document and proof of address (for example, an electricity bill). When you do, you will receive your bonus.The gaming portals that offer these bonuses are popularly known as ‘No Deposit Casinos’.

3. Make a Minimum Deposit

The next step to continue enjoying the bonuses and promotions of an online casino is to deposit money with it.

If you want to benefit from the welcome bonus offered by a platform, you must make a minimum deposit (normally it is usually € 10 or € 20).

To deposit funds, you can use different payment methods. For example, a credit card, or an electronic wallet like PayPal.

Also, for some of the bonuses you will need to enter a promotional code that you can easily find on the website.This code almost always has to be entered when you make your deposit.

4. Request the Welcome Bonus

As we have just seen, many times welcome bonuses are assigned automatically when you make a deposit and enter the indicated code (if it exists).

However, other times you have to request these bonuses from the customer service team via chat or via email.

In any case, the details of how to request the vouchers are explained on each website. And if you have any questions, use the help chat and ask questions!

5. Enjoy the Bonus

This is the funniest part. Your bonus balance will be incorporated into your casino account and you can use that money to enjoy the different games.Whether it is a free no deposit bonus or a welcome bonus or any other promotion.

Of course, before you can withdraw the profits generated from these promotions, you must meet the rollover or wagering requirements of each offer. We talk about it in the section ‘How to collect the bonuses’.

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