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We all know the importance of co-curricular activities. These activities not only refresh the mind but also sharpen the creative skills of the students and especially children. 

There are different types of co-curricular activities like playing sports, arts, drama making and musical activities. Some of the children like to take part in debates while others like to draw and paint pictures. Here we will discuss about the coloring.


Coloring is one of the best activities children can do in their free time. Children show great interest towards coloring and they love to color different kinds of coloring pages and sheets.

Experts say that painting and coloring can be the best way for children to learn. If they find drawing pieces and pictures in their books, they give more concentration towards their study. As a result their performance in the studies enhances to a remarkable extent.

If we talk about coloring we can see that different kinds of coloring sheets and pages are available for children. A few of them we will discuss here.

Printable cartoon coloring:

In this era of technology children are attracted more towards electronic devices like TV, computer, mobiles and so on. So they love to watch cartoons of their own choice. 

Thus if you provide your children with Printable cartoon coloring sheets, they will show more interest as compared to other coloring pages.

Nowadays, most of printable cartoon coloring sheets are available in the market. You can buy for your child anyone of these related to his choice and interest. 

In case you do not find the printable cartoon coloring page of your child’s interest in the market you can also download and print it from internet. All kinds of printable cartoon coloring pages and sheets are available on internet. You can download and print them by just single click.

Christmas coloring sheets:

Children get happy and excited at all kinds of festivals. So , if you get Christmas coloring sheets for them, they will color these sheets eagerly. Christmas coloring sheets include Christmas trees, Christmas gifts and presents, Christmas candles, Santa clause, Christmas horse and etc.

Children would definitely enjoy coloring the Christmas coloring sheets. They love to see the Santa clause and Christmas tree along with some gifts for them. That’s why I would highly recommend Christmas coloring pages for your child’s leisure time coloring activity.

Similarly children love to have Printable cartoon coloring sheets. Some of the cartoon coloring sheets children love to color are following.


Pikachu is a character in the cartoon series of Pokémon. Pokémon is a series of cartoons for children featuring the fictional creatures. Children love these cartoons. So, they will definitely like to color them.


Doraemon is a Japanese series of cartoons. The story of this series is based on two characters i-e Doraemon which is a robotic cat and a boy named Nobita Nobi.

Children have fun to watch this series of cartoons. That‘s why they would like to choose coloring pages of this cartoon series.


Co-curricular activities like coloring have a positive impact on the mind of your child. It develops the skills like productive and analytical thinking which may help him in his future life.

On the other hand it diverts the concentration of your child from useless activities like gaming to the fruitful activities. For example it develops reading habits which may greatly help him in career building in future.

Finally I can say that Printable Cartoon coloring pages are the best option you can opt as a free time activity for your child.

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