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Dentures are replacements for the teeth that are missing. They are made in such a way that the teeth will fill all the gaps that are found on the dental layer of a person. Even though every piece is custom-made, sometimes they will not fit correctly with a person and might cause uncomfortable conditions for the user. This can be handled with the help of some tips for maintaining full dentures.

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Best diet while using dentures 

Here are some of the diet tips for people that use dentures daily.

  • Mechanical soft diet 

The first step in getting used to dentures is by taking them slow. Find the food items that do not require more minutes of chewing and can be easily swallowed even without chewing properly. Some of the food items such as carrots, red meat, crackers, etc., and everything else that requires more chewing should be avoided.

  • Soft diet 

Start eating some soft food items that are rich in the required nutrients to the body such as scrambled eggs, cooked cereals, pudding, apple sauce, and other such soft food items. You should provide enough nutrients to your gum and dental layer so that they can get used to the dentures.

  • Avoid hot foods 

Avoid the food items that are hot as they can damage the dentures. You can check whether a food is ready to eat or not by conducting the temperature test.

  • Avoid holding the liquid in the mouth 

Holding liquid items longer in the mouth can make the dentures loosen their grip on the teeth that are used as the fillers for the bottom layer missing teeth.

Denture maintenance 

Here are some of the tips for you for the maintenance of dentures.

  • Avoid chemical cleaning items as they can cause abrasions on the den Columbia Dentists Offer Diet Tips for People who Use Dentures ture.
  • Avoid using the whitening toothpaste as it can damage the outer layer of dentures.
  • Do not use hot water for sterilizing the dentures, as it can warp them.

For more information regarding how to manage dentures, you can check with your dentists. They will guide you and answer all your doubts and queries.

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