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Idaho is a tort state. If the other driver was negligent, they are liable for your injuries and must pay compensation for your losses. Winning a personal injury claim after a car accident may not be that simple. Since you are the one filing the claim, the burden of proof is on you. Besides informing the police and calling 911, you should also consider hiring an Idaho car accident attorney. Here are some common mistakes that people typically make after a car crash, which you should definitely keep in mind.

  1. Underestimating injuries. The immediate trauma of the accident may feel too overwhelming, and as a result, people often ignore the physical symptoms, disorientation, and pain. Any discomfort could be a symptom of something serious. If no one called 911 from the scene, consider seeing an injury doctor immediately after the crash.
  2. Delaying action. If you believe that the other party was negligent and caused the accident, you must take immediate action to preserve evidence and protect your rights. There is also the statute of limitations in Idaho, which allows just two years to file an injury lawsuit in court. You don’t have time to lose.
  3. Skipping legal advice. You need to talk to an attorney soon after the car accident to know the worth of your claim. Just because you were injured doesn’t mean you can expect a settlement from the other side. Let an attorney review your case and figure out the merits and demerits that can impact the outcome.
  4. Accepting the first settlement offer. The insurance company isn’t interested in your pain or losses. They want to reduce their financial liability, and for that, their claims adjuster will ask you to accept their “best” offer. Given your circumstances and financial distress, don’t be tempted to accept the first offer.
  5. Apologizing to the other party. No matter whether you share blame or fault in the accident, do not apologize to anyone at the scene. This could go against you. If you need to talk to others or insurance companies, limit the information you share. Let your attorney take over and handle the task on your behalf.

Finally, don’t miss out on calling the police. Idaho state laws require drivers to report an accident if there was injury or death involved. If the property damages are likely worth $1,500 or more, you should report the crash. Call an accident attorney now!

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