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Common Mistakes to Avoid

For many, work environments are becoming more flexible with the rise of coworking spaces and home offices. However, setting up an office can be difficult. There are certain pitfalls to avoid when you rent acoworking space that can create problems for your long-term productivity. Here are the critical mistakes made by people while selecting coworking spaces: 

 Looking only for cheap space 

 When searching for coworking spaces, you may think that the cheapest space is the best. This can lead to making wrong choices in your search. Instead of looking at other aspects like location, building, and environment, if you only go for a cheap place, you will invite trouble for yourself and other members. So, always opt for cost-effectiveness, and choose a space that will suit your requirement. 

 Forgetting to check internet availability 

 In this age of digitalization, the internet is the lifeline of any business. Imagine the browser buffering every five minutes or the connection lost due to poor signal strength while you are making the most important presentation! In short, having slow internet means a bad workday with losses. Therefore, ensure that the place you invest in offers fast internet access so that all tasks can be accomplished on time. 

 Only considering the interior and ignoring the maintenance schedule 

 If you are only impressed by the coworking space’s professional environment and chic interior and have entirely ignored the building age, stop here! Yes, having a good ambiance improves productivity; however, what will you do if, during monsoon, there is some leakage? A day lost, right? So, always remember to check the building age.  

 A new building will often be better than the older ones. However, this doesn’t mean that old buildings cannot be hired. Even old buildings can make wonderful coworking spaces if the maintenance is taken care of regularly. E.g., Regular building checks and repairing any existing damage like leakages before it turns into a complete mess. Also, new buildings don’t mean they will automatically be good. You may face a similar issue if the owner doesn’t do regular checks. In conclusion, an old or new maintenance schedule becomes a crucial factor that can make or break a space. 

Ignoring Aesthetics: 

 Aesthetics may look irrelevant; however, to keep productivity high and stress low, it is essential to have a space that you feel is adequate to work in. 

 To find out what your needs are, ask yourself the following questions: 

-What type of style do you prefer?  

-What colors seem to make you most excited? 

 If you can answer these questions, this will provide a better vision of what kind of aesthetic look meets your needs. From there, it is easier for you to search for a suitable coworking space Jersey City with the proper setup for your work processes. 


Coworking spaces can provide an excellent work environment for freelance workers. However, avoid the mistakes mentioned above to get hold of the perfect space.  


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