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Every individual has ever experienced physical pain. Most of the pain goes away naturally, but some pains stay for long and can call for artificial measures. However, most people do not understand the best treatment they can use to correct the problem. If you have been suffering from chronic pain, Interventional Pain and Regenerative Medicine Specialists are the best solutions for your condition. Before undergoing the treatment, the following are the important things you have to understand.

What is Pain Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is a treatment that uses your body’s natural healing cells. The specialists extract the platelets from the blood to obtain the mesenchymal stem cells from the matching donors. The doctors will inject these cells into the damaged tissue part you are experiencing, reducing pain and boosting recovery.

Intervention Procedures

 According to your pain position, the following are different procedures that a Specialist can choose from.

  1. Vertebral augmentation. It is usually performed for people who have Osteoporosis or metastatic disease.
  2. Cooled radiofrequency ablation. It is done for people suffering from hip and back pain.
  3. Occipital nerve stimulator. It is carried out for patients suffering from headaches.
  4. Peripheral nerve stimulation. It is mainly used for ulnar, median, and radial neuropathy.
  5. Intradiscal methylene blue. The specialists apply it for the pain they suspect is of discogenic origin.

Myths about Regenerative Medicine

The following are people’s myths that prevent them from seeking this treatment.

It is Unethical.

Some people have a wrong understanding of the practice. However, unlike invasive medications and surgeries, regenerative surgery treats the cause of pain, giving a longer-lasting pain relief that boosts the body’s functionality. It is ethical since it uses the body’s natural process to stimulate the healing and regrowth of cells and tissues previously destroyed by the degenerative disease.

Regenerative medicine is not effective.

Some people believe that this treatment is a joke. However, the procedure has helped patients with knee, shoulder, or hip pain attain full recovery. Besides, it has helped reduce the lumbar disc issues, helping the patients have improved mobility and pain relief.

It is only derived from embryos.

This is one of the most spread misconceptions. Even though some of this medicine is derived from embryos, only a small function is harvested from them. The largest portion is derived from the adult donors and the patients themselves.

It is risky

People worry that it may have a critical impact whenever they hear about a new medical treatment. These treatments have minimum effects since the body uses its material to stimulate healing. Moreover, if a person gets a stem cell from their fat (tissue) and bone marrow, the body will accept the new tissue, reducing the risk of rejection. Compared with surgery, it has a low chance of causing cancer.

 Most people have incorporated pain that has lasted for a long time as part of their lifestyle. However, I have good news if you are suffering from the pain. Talal Ghazal and John Huffman have vast experience in treating pain, having worked for many years. Contact them and book your appointment today, and have a transforming experience.

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