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Are your kids curious? Do they want to see everything you perform on your mobile devices? Do they tend to use unattended devices? If yes, then it’s time to teach online safety to your snooping souls.

Why is it important to stay safe online?

 Exposure to the internet happens at a very naïve age these days. Isn’t it difficult to shield your kids from the risks of the internet? Why?

The Internet has a plethora of content to expand our horizons. You name it, and they have it! Kids can run into any content at any time of the day. There are no filters or restrictions on the internet because age is no bar when it comes to the internet!

What bothers parents and teachers is the exposure to explicit contents and online intruders. Kids are vulnerable to adult contents, online predators, strangers in online chat rooms, cyberbullies, cyber attacks, and unethical hackers.

Parental control software

 Technology has been a blessing for parents; there are software applications like Parental control app that can restrict unnecessary data on the internet. This app can secure kids from explicit content and online influencers. Additionally, this software is useful in child location tracking and executing anti-theft actions.

Despite the existence of Parental Control apps, kids need to learn the Do’s and Don’ts of the internet. Parental control apps are a method to check on your kids’ activity, and ultimately, children are the ones who need to learn and apply the proper etiquettes online.

Internet safety for kids

Now we know what type of content and activities are available on the internet, but why is internet harmful to kids? Isn’t the internet supposed to create an eye for the bigger world?

On the one hand, the internet is a superior encyclopedia for kids that opens a universe full of information, on the other hand, the internet does not restrict information based on the age of the kid.

So, kids are affected by the internet, and the consequences can be disastrous at times.

–    Kids go into severe depression because of cyberbullies.

–    Kids lose their personal data on the internet because of hackers or attackers.

–    Many kids have been mocked or harassed at school due to social media activities.

–    Addictive games online have influenced kids into self-harming and worst of all committing suicide.

–    Some kids have also put parents at a very uncomfortable state, for example, lost parents’ wealth on silly online games.

This is just a snippet of the incidents that have happened leading to a lot of chaos across the world. However, the internet cannot be banned or snatched from a kid’s life. It is essential to teach kids safety tips to be smart web users.

Eight basic internet safety tip every parent should teach Kids

1. Not everything you read is true

Teach your kids to distinguish false news or articles from real ones. Introduce them to legitimate websites and news centers for real source of truth.

2. Be aware of inappropriate content

Your kids will definitely come across adult contents or enticing advertisements online. Educate them on these contents and not to click these sites. In case of confusion, children should run to their parents.

3. Everything stays on the internet

Educate children on web servers and how storage of data is done on web servers across the world.

Any data they upload or download is available for display anytime and anywhere.

4. Be good online citizens

It is essential to teach your kids to be respectful to online friends as much as their real friends. Teach your kids basic habits like;

  • How to speak to online friends?
  • What kind of language is acceptable online?
  • If in contact with international friends, learn to respect their culture and etiquettes.
  • Be respectful to women and other genders and maintain clear boundaries with any other gender. (do not invite unwarranted trouble)
  • Never ask or provide personal details online.

5. Do not share private details

Password’s, credit card information, email id, phone numbers, etc. are strictly prohibited from sharing online. Make this crystal clear to your kids.

6. Be aware of cyber bullies

Kids are not the best judge to identify cyberbullies online; however, parents track their friends on social media and multiplayer games. These are specifically two areas, where most cyberbullies target kids.

Ask your kids to speak up to you if they feel uncomfortable or humiliated by any derogatory remark in online chat rooms.

7. Stay away from strangers in chat rooms

As far as possible, kids should not be exposed to strangers online. There are settings on social media platforms and games that disable communication with strangers or online chats completely.

8. Don’t open Email and message links from strangers

Teach kids to not click on doubtful links online or received via email or messages. Always consult an adult at home before clicking on any links. Many of these links are an easy door to invite malware and viruses.

Secure kids using Bit Guardian Parental Control App

As parents, it is your duty to teach ethical practices of the online world to kids. We strongly support parents and kids to initiate conversations on topics like internet safety and health hazards of digital device.

Although you can make your kids online heroes, villains are waiting for soft targets like kids.

 We advise all parents to download the best parental control apps for Android and iOS, Bit Guardian Parental Control app and secure kids from internet’s brutality.

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