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Compact SUVs

Do you remember that old Chuck Berry song, “No Particular Place to Go?” It’s all about driving around, having fun, and enjoying the journey over the destination. And driving can be as enjoyable today as when Chuck wrote that song decades ago. 

There’s nothing quite like being behind the wheel, with your radio turned on (or perhaps turned up!), and the sun shining down on you as you get from point A to point B. There’s always some joy to find in driving your car, wherever your destination may be.

Yet, you may be wondering if there is an ideal car that is equally suited to both city and country driving. There sure is, and it’s a small SUV.

In this article, we’ll explore how compact SUVs are the ideal vehicle for both country and city cruising.

Country Driving – rough roads and wild weather

Driving in the country can be a blast – especially if you’re on a road trip, and granting yourself a lovely change of scenery from all the all-too-familiar sights of your routine life. There’s nothing like stretches of the open road, fresh country air, novel new sights to see, and unseen places to visit.


However, with all its pleasures, there is another aspect to consider when driving in the country, this being the condition of all the rural highways that stretch out ahead of you. Country roads are not repaired as often as city roads, which can mean they can be rough to drive on. Some country roads don’t even have an asphalt top, but are instead purely made up of dirt or rough gravel.

This inconsistency in road conditions is one of the predominant reasons why a compact SUV is the perfect car for country cruising. SUVs have the power and torque of a four-wheel drive, with a sports car’s tight handling and precision. You’ll be able to tackle the rougher country roads with ease in a small SUV without sacrificing any comfort or style. 

High tech suspension systems mean that a small SUV can tackle those potholes and dirt roads with relative ease too, and without needing a wheel alignment when you get back to the city after your road trip

City Roads – tight corners and narrow side streets

A smaller SUV is equally suited to driving in the city just as well as they’re equipped for rough country driving. Compared to country roads, city roads are often better maintained and smoother to drive on – as any potholes or cracks are repaired quite quickly by local authorities.

However, city roads present their own challenges when you’re behind the wheel. You’ll often come across tight corners when driving in the city or narrow streets or laneways that are tricky to squeeze through. Thankfully, modern compact SUVs are well-equipped to tackle all the tight turns and delicate laneways that you may come across when driving through the inner city. The precision handling and power steering of a small SUV makes navigating those tight corners a veritable walk in the park.

Storage Space – more room for all of life’s necessities

There are other benefits to driving a compact SUV in the country and the city. These vehicles offer increased storage space when compared to sedans or hatchbacks. This means that you can pack more for a country road trip instead of having to make sacrifices regarding what items you’d like to bring along on your family’s next getaway. 

Increased storage capacity is also a boon for city driving, as you can fit all of life’s necessities in the car – whether it’s grocery shopping, sports bags, kids school bags or other items.

A Compact Conclusion

Smaller, compact SUVs are ideal for country and city cruising due to their performance, handling, suspension systems, and increased storage capacity. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better style of compact car that can tackle all kinds of roads. 

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