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Tsubame, Feb. 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — – Miyazaki Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has announced the release of “Miyacoffee Single Drip”, made specifically for extracting a single cup of coffee. The new product will now be available in the United States making it quite easy for customers to enjoy a delicious coffee effortlessly.

The new “Miyacoffee Single Drip” has a warm design that gives an elegant coffee experience. With its stainless steel material and a natural rounded wood handle and knob, it prevents your hands from getting hot due to the hot water. It also comes in a perfect size for a cup meaning that one can enjoy the reliable quality of the delicious drip coffee on the go.

Speaking about the “Miyacoffee Single Drip”, the representative of the company indicated that the single drip has been designed and made to give the coffee lover the best experience daily.

“We always use a teapot when brewing drip bag coffee. We thought that it would be convenient if there was something like a small kettle with a thin spout, so we made the single drip. The spout has good drainage, and it is easy to pour precisely, so you can brew delicious coffee without stress.”

To use it, one will need to pour boiling water (100 °) from an electric kettle or pot into the “Miyacoffee single drip”, and the optimal temperature for coffee extraction (85 ° to 90 °) will be reached, producing coffee with a more delicious flavor. The 7mm ultra-fine spout allows you to pour into even small diameter drip bags with ease. “Miyacoffee Single Drip” is available in three colors, silver, black and white.

About Miyazaki Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Since our founding in 1960, we have been manufacturing products with a distinct focus on materials, reliable technology, and trusted quality with the belief that they are timeless. Since we make tools with an in-house integrated system from product planning to production and shipment, the love we have for our products is immeasurable and cannot be compromised. We continue domestic production so products can be used with peace of mind backed by meticulous after-sales service.

Company: Miyazaki Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Contact: Ayako Miyazaki


For inquiries from customers and the press regarding this release, please contact:

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