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Electric vehicles are no more the thing of the future. Considering the environmental threats and rapid drift in consumer behavior towards eco-friendly options, EV charging have tremendous prospects. One of the biggest concerns with these vehicles is that of charging. However, intelligent EV charging has brought interesting solutions to these problems. You can visit the following link to find universal intelligent car charging stations https://www.switchboardinabox.com.au/residential-and-small-business/electrical-car-charging.html. Intelligent charging is not only beneficial but also essential to the energy market. Here is a brief description of intelligent charging for various market players.

  • For EV drivers
  • Charging station availability

While on a long road trip, you need not worry about charging station availability. You can check the real-time availability using mobile apps and book your spot on the go. Also, you can prefer EO Mini Pro 2 which is one of the best options for fast charging in EVs.

  • Faster charging

You can find fast-charging stations that can utilize maximum available energy. These stations can charge up to 150kW power that increasing the charging speed tremendously. Also, in electric vehicles Battery Storage is very important that makes your work easy.

  • Safer charging

A smart charging device is considered a much safer and carefree method in comparison with the charging sockets. These devices automatically check the connections before starting the charging process. You can also monitor and control charging events remotely.

  • Avoiding conflicts

All drivers are automatically billed according to the station rates after the charging is complete. All energy consumptions are easily traceable to the relevant person. This prevents conflicts between neighbors overconsumption issues.

  • Saving environment and money

As you can control the charging events, you can charge your vehicle during low consumption hours. This not only reduces the amount you need to pay but also balances the grid and is beneficial to the environment.

  • For Businesses
  • Remote monitoring

Smart EV charging stations allow smart management and remote control. You can control events from anywhere and utilize real-time statistics to report and resolve issues. 

  • Hassle-free payments

Businesses do not have to do anything for billing the customers. Customers are automatically billed on the basis of the rate you have set. The amount is settled directly from their accounts or payment cards.

  • Controlled electricity consumption

It is important to control electricity consumption and ensure that you do not exceed the capacity of the local grid. Such an instance can cost you a fortune and result in massive losses. Intelligent charging stations allow you to group all stations and control them in a stack. You can monitor consumption in real-time and take necessary actions in time.

  • Peace of mind

These charging stations are smart and do maximum work automatically. You only have to pay attention when you need to keep up with the statistics and other information. This way you can focus on the real business.

  • For EV charging networks
  • Stable grid

Intelligent charging stations provide exceptional control overconsumption. The charging automatically begins during low consumption hours and is impeded as you reach the grid limits. This helps in keeping the grids balanced and stable.

  • Staying relevant and abreast with the recent development

The mobility market is changing at a rapid pace. Intelligent stations are connected to the cloud and offer updates about recent developments and changes on the go. You stay abreast of the latest rates, technologies, and other market developments.

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