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Compelling Reasons to Choose an Artificial Ice Rink

Purchasing an artificial ice rink can be more cost-effective than renting one. It offers year-round use and can be installed in various locations, including smaller front yards. However, not all synthetic ice products are equal. Choose a product with a tight tongue-and-groove connection system to prevent lifting or shifting during use.

No Water or Refrigeration

If you want to enjoy the benefits of skating year-round without paying hourly fees for a refrigerated rink, an artificial ice rink is the way to go. These synthetic ice rinks are made of high-tech polymer plastic and engineered to have the same low-friction surface as real ice. The result is a skating surface that figure skaters, hockey players, and recreational skaters can use with confidence. Real ice requires a lot of water and energy to freeze and maintain, which is why it can only be used in cold climates. On the other hand, synthetic ice is independent of weather conditions and can be used worldwide.

Moreover, these synthetic ice rinks are also easier to clean and maintain. A cleaning solution on the surface twice a week will ensure your ice rink stays in good condition. In addition, a quality synthetic ice surface allows your skates to scratch the surface lightly, releasing additional gliding lubrication. This will reduce the wear and tear on your expensive blades. This will also save you money on lubricants and repairs.

Easy to Maintain

Modern synthetic ice closely replicates the experience of skating on frozen water. This is why it has become increasingly popular among professional athletes and recreational skaters. Unlike traditional rinks, synthetic ice does not require regular resurfacing or repairs. Instead, you only need to sweep and mop occasionally to keep the rink clean. This helps preserve the significant glide effect of Glice and ensures it is safe to skate on. With a traditional rink, you must hire a machine known as a Zamboni to come on and resurface the surface periodically. This creates cracks and grooves that can be a hazard for skaters. They can lead to skaters tripping or having their blades caught, which can be dangerous.

This is also why it is important always to have your skates sharpened. Even though synthetic ice does not damage your skates, it is important to run them through a sharpener regularly. A premium synthetic ice product will feature tight tongue-and-groove connectors and a Smart Lock to prevent lifting or shifting, eliminating the need for messy lubrication.


Unlike traditional ice rinks that consist of bodies of water such as lakes, ponds, and canals, an artificial ice rink is made of flat and durable panels. These are easily portable and can be installed anywhere for year-round skating. This versatility allows more skating opportunities for athletes and amateurs and eliminates the need for expensive cooling and refrigeration equipment. The best synthetic ice products offer a surface that mimics the feel of real ice, providing a great skating experience and the perfect surface for training. This means that even professional athletes like Nashville Predators captain and NHL All-Star Roman Josi can continue their training during the summer to get an extra edge during the season.

Synthetic ice products are also much more affordable than their traditional counterparts. This makes them a practical choice for businesses, schools, and individuals who want to maximize their skating time but may need more space or budget to keep a refrigerated rink. High-quality products also last longer and require less maintenance than their traditional counterparts, making them a good investment for skating enthusiasts.


Unlike traditional ice, which requires a complicated and expensive process of freezing water, artificial rinks are made from interlocking plastic panels. These can be assembled in a relatively short amount of time without much expertise, making them a cost-effective option for home use. When choosing a synthetic rink, looking for the best skating experience is important. Purchasing a cheaper product that is not manufactured from superior plastics may leave you with a skating surface that feels rough and unforgiving. Look for a product that utilizes dovetail or tongue-and-groove connections to prevent the panels from lifting, shifting, or falling during use. This is a critical safety factor, especially when used by young skaters or novices. When paired with a dasher board, a premium quality synthetic ice rink is safe for players of all levels. It is important to follow the maintenance guidelines of your chosen product, including regularly vacuuming and occasional mopping. Adding a lubricant to your synthetic ice will help to maintain its glide and improve performance.


There has been a significant shift from traditional ice rinks to synthetic ones. These are built using interlocking panels that fit together like puzzle pieces to create a seamless skating surface. Whether setting up a backyard rink for recreational skating or a professional training facility, these surfaces are designed to handle heavy use and will hold up in any weather condition. When choosing the best synthetic ice for your needs, you want to ensure it’s a premium quality product that mimics the gliding sensation of real ice. The best artificial ice rinks are self-lubricating, allowing skaters to create little scratches on the surface that open it up and release additional gliding lubrication. This allows for a much more fluid and consistent skating experience, unlike a traditional ice rink that requires constant resurfacing and maintenance to keep the ice in good shape.

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