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Custom Gable boxes are made from eco-friendly kraft paper boxes, you can dispose of them easily after use without harming the environment. Additionally, Gable boxes can be customized and designed in the most perfect way possible.

What are the benefits of custom gable boxes?

Gable boxes are the most popular boxes in the food market, we also know that food packaging needs eco-friendly materials that keep it fresh and delicious.

Advantages of using Gable Boxes

  1. The boxes are easily customized.
  2. Different packaging.
  3. Eco-friendly and user-friendly packaging.
  4. The most economical boxes.

How and where can you obtain Gable Boxes?

There are several ways to buy gable boxes with great packaging designs. This is the most common type of box and is widely used compared to others, and it is used to properly pack different products.

The best way to represent your products is by using customized gable boxes, they can represent your brand in a great way and attract more potential customers.

Which makes gable boxes different from other boxes?

The most distinguishing feature is the triangular top that folds down into a handle, with side flaps holding the box closed. Custom gable boxes are widely used to pack donuts and in candy stores as well and they are an amazing way to wrap small gifts and occasion gifts.

How to measure custom gable boxes?

Boxes can be used for promotional giveaways as well, event lunch boxes, or gift boxes that need a handle.

We can measure the custom gable boxes using the width, length, and height of the usable space of the gable box. The tapered top and handle area of the gable box is not included in the box measurement. As an example, let’s use a 8 x 4-7/8 x 5-1/4” Gable box. The left side is the length, the middle size is the width, and the right size is the height.

  • Length: The longest side of the box from left to right.
  • Width: From front to back.
  • Height: From top to bottom of the usable space. These custom gable boxes shipped flat for easy storage and quick assembly is required.

How to make a gable box template?

The template for a box is two-dimensional, the outline that allows the box to be assembled. A template comprises two parts:

  • Cutting lines: In other words, the lines that will be printed and cut
  • Fold lines: Indicate where the edges of the box will be which is vital for the box assembly.

Generally, you create a packaging design or download a ready-to-use template that fits your needs and send it to a professional printer.

How much do costume boxes cost?

Custom packaging costs less than you probably think. Asking how much a custom box costs is like asking how much does a shoe cost? It depends on so many variables. It may cost you in general $2.36 per box.

Ultimately, put your brand logo at the center, impress your customers with the unique designs and shapes that you choose, and attract more buyers.

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