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Spirit FlagsSpirit Flags

Flags have long played an important role in human history as a way to express one’s beliefs or affiliation. Spirit Flags keep with this tradition and play an important role in reinforcing and cultivating school spirit. Which in turn, improves the academic and social skills of students. Numerous studies indicate, school spirit not only benefits students but the community as a whole. Students who are active in school activities and exhibit school spirit are more likely to be active in the community as adults.

Spirit Flags

What is a Spirit Flag?

Most Spirit Flags are really not much different from your standard run-of-the-mill flag. The biggest difference is how the flag is used. A spirit banner is a flag that is typically carried and waved to build excitement and energy. Most often you will see them at a game or pep rally. Cheerleaders, players, and color guard are just a few of the groups that make use of battle flags.
These flags are often brightly colored and feature the school or team’s mascot, logo, or name. Runner flags are used to lead cheers, introduce a team or after a score. They are typically lightweight materials so that they can be easily carried by cheerleaders or runners. In addition, captains flags are often designed to be durable so that they can withstand repeated use.

Variety of Names

Spirit Flags are also commonly called battle flags, field runner flags, cheer flags, Letter Flags and sometimes even referred to as captain flags. The numerous names confirm that spirit flags offer a wide range of uses as outlined below.

  • Cheer Flag – The name pretty much indicates how the flag is used. Cheerleaders use the flags to facilitate different cheers.
  • Field Runner Flag – A spirit banner used by a variety of participants. For example, someone from ROTC may be the field runner or the mascot may be the runner. The flag is usually ran down the field or sideline when the team scores. This person can be designated as the “Spirit Captain” which also explains them being called “Captain’s Flags”.
  • Battle Flags – Another Spirit banner name that refers closely to the field runner flag, as it is ran out when the team scores.
  • Letter Flags – A type of spirit banner that has a single letter on each flag. Coordinated use of these flags can spell out school name or mascot.

Flag Material

Spirit flags are constructed of lightweight materials like Nylon or Polyester. These materials are durable and with excellent fabric display graphics and vivid colors. While standard flags feature a semi-shiny appearance, there are options that offer a shiny poly satin. The Poly Satin exhibits a glossy appearance that looks classier than the standard option.

Spirit Flag Pole and Mounting Options

Of course, presentation is the primary focus of a spirit flag. But, another concern when using a Spirit Flag is keeping them light and manageable for the user. So, most battle flag poles are light and portable. They can be Fiberglass, Aluminum, or PVC. When it comes to mounting the flag on the pole, most battle flags use a pole pocket instead of header and grommets. The standard pole pocket size is 2” on flags up to 4’x6’, and 3” for the larger Runner flags like 8ft x 12ftor 10ft x 15ft.

Printed vs Embroidered / Sewn Spirit Flags

There are several ways to produce a cheer flag.

  • Digitally Printed /Sublimation – This type of cheer flag is printed using a large format printer. Advantages of a printed cheer flag include the ability to color match. Furthermore, printing allows the display of full-color graphics or photos.
  • Sewn Applique Spirit Banner – The oldest method of making banners and flags. The process involves the cutting of fabric pieces for every color. And then sewing them onto the banner to create the desired design. While this creates a beautiful cheer banner, the price of a sewn applique spirit flag can be quite expensive.
  • Hybrid Printed / Sewn Spirit Banners – This option is a combination of the previous methods. This can bring the price down a little while still providing the upscale look of an Applique Banner.

So, If you want to take your school spirit up a notch, definitely consider investing in some spirit flags. These cheer flags power up sporting events, pep rallies, or anywhere else that you want to show your team pride. They come in a variety of sizes, so no matter how big or small your school is, there’s sure to be a flag that fits. So, what are you waiting for? Get online and check out some of the amazing spirit flags available today!

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