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Tutima Glashutte

The background and history of the Tutima are linked to the Glashutte watch that was made in 1845 by a German named Ferdinand Lange. Even though the roots of Tutima don’t extend quite long ago, the story of this watch began in 1927, and it came from the Glashutte Deutsche that manufactured this watch in 1918, and it distributed to the market.

They distributed this watch to compete with other swiss watches that are available in the market. In the late 1920s, it was the most challenging time for the company because they have many competitors. The DPUG that is under the inflation of the skyrocketing collapsed in 1922 August. It cost them 22500 marks.

The Original Tutima Glashutte

During the year 1939, the Glashutte and Tutima watches started to plan for what can become the most famous watch of Glashutte. They are choosing between the Reich air force or the Tutima Glashutte with the pilot’s chronograph. The defense, the war, and the factories demanded that the timepiece be a reliable one.

At the start of the production, the pilot’s chronograph design had to be shock resistant with a high acceleration like diving planes. The pressure of this is up to 1.6 atmospheres for an hour, and the rate of performance is defined in -4 to +11 seconds, and the range of the temperature is at 10 to 40 degrees.

The Tutima pilots’ first watch was made in a classic style timepiece with a fluted bezel and a ready reference on the fluted significant case marker. It also has an oversized crown with a chronograph ergonomic button and a big deal with night reading elements. The pilot watch also features a flyback that can function and can be known as the tempo stop.

During the years 1941 and 1946, about 35,000 Tutima watches were manufactured and most of them were used in the air force and military pilots in Germany. Urfa made a new caliber design for it with a caliber 59 that features a 30 minutes counter chronograph, wheel switching, monometallic screw, and a flyback function.

Dr. Kurtz and Ufag

Dr. Kurtz was the jurist that lived in Hamburg, and he is the one who created the Glashutte watch and the factory where they manufacture all of their watches. Dr. Ufag is from the carcass of the DPUG. He and Dr. Kurtz are the ones who made the company work, and they always find a way to make their watch presentable, as always in any design.

The upswing of the economy during the 1930s has helped them establish a competitive market that can fit in any swiss watch design. Urofa/Ufag’sUfag’s production methods were conceived by the swiss methods automated by manufacturing processes and techniques.

Urofa concentrated on their manufacturing, and they have produced a lot of wristwatches, and the leading brand they have is the Tutima. In 1938, the government separated the factories for armament in the year 1940, and they stopped all of their production and manufacturing wristwatches. They didn’t restart in making a new one until the war was finished.

Titanium Pioneer

Many people might not see or realize that the Tutima watch was a proponent of the titanium mechanical watch with a silver and dark color. It has a titanium alloy that has the lightest metal that is being used for wristwatches. It is attractive and has a lightweight design with a tensile that can be used to high temperatures.

The alloys of it are titanium, and it can be used in spacecraft, construction of air, naval ships, guided missiles, and the armor plating that are being used on tanks. This is corrosion resistant with a low density of its alloy design that can be good for oversized watches. The modern Tutima is associated with the pilots in aviation.

Ute and Jorg are the two delicate children that joined the Tutima, and they are being assigned to have the managerial position when they are finished with their degrees. The parts that are being ensured to Ute and Jorg will remain in the family for more than one generation, and it reports that his children are often seen brainstorming all the time together.


The Tutima watch design was one of the best timepieces of Glashutte watches that came out in more than 90 years. This watch was made to have a top-level of perfection that can fit any outfit. If you loved the design of Tutima, don’t hesitate to buy one in your selected stores. It is available worldwide for any people who would love to buy this watch.

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