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Computer Worms and Its Solutions

PC worms are the most common type of malware. These computer worms spread over the networks by using operating system loopholes or vulnerabilities. The worms generally harm host networks through consuming bandwidth and overfilling the web servers.

Then, the computer worms contain “payloads” which use to damage the host computers. The payload is a piece of code written for performing specific actions in an infected computer, in addition to simply spreading worms. Another kind of payload is designed for stealing data or deleting the files. Some payloads are designed for creating backdoors in a host computer that amounts to be controlled via unknown computers. Wrongdoer 3rd parties might use the networks of these affected computers to do spam and can perform DoS attacks. For cyber security course details, search at cyber degree hub. 

What is Computer Worm?

The computer worm is a kind of system virus. Numerous features differentiate them from regular viruses. The biggest difference is that the viruses spread by human activity, for example running the program or opening the file, etc. In the case of computer worms, it can spread through without human intervention and has the characteristic to self-replicate. That means the worms can generate some copies from one copy and will send them to another computer or computers. The worm infection may start with sending a bunch of emails to the affected user’s contacts. The first-ever computer worms were accidentally unleashed by Robert Tappan Morris in 1988. Another popular computer worms were SQL Slammer in 2003 that aroused due to the vulnerability in Microsoft SQL and got spread across the Internet. Do you find the course details on cyber security courses; find us at cyber degree hub. 

How can you detect worm infection? 

The users should know about the signs of the computer worm so that they can promptly find out the infections and can begin the remedial measures of worm removal. These symptoms use to occur in some cases and other cases, multiple symptoms occur at one go. These are the typical symbols of worm infection: 

  • Slowing down of computer working

  • Freezing or crashing

  • Opening & running of the programs automatically

  • Uneven web browser working performance

  • Strange computer behavior 

  • Warnings of the Firewall

  • Missing or modification of the files 

  • Display of unusual and accidental desktop icons or files

  • Operation system errors or system error message

  • Email sent to the contacts without informing the user 

How can you check the worm infection? 

  • Keep operating system, hardware, and software patched and updated.

  • Don’t open unwanted email attachments because there might be Trojan like a worm. 

  • The worms in the attachments are not only in .exe files but can be in Word or Excel sheets.

  • Use a firewall or Anti-virus software for further protection from the computer worms 

Viruses can cause infections to individual computers whereas the worms usually attack the servers and routers which control networks. The servers are the computers that are used for getting more storage and other resources. They can be made available to some users. The routers are the servers having specialized OSs that extend their resources for routing data on networks. Cyber degree hub is the best website for getting information about data security courses.

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