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Many people workout alone, myself included. While there are significant benefits to having a workout buddy, like doubling your performance and getting motivated, most people just don’t have that luxury. Not only should you find someone with the same skills as you, but also you must have the same hours and live in the same area. The lack of a gym buddy, for most of us who are not fitness fanatics, generally ends in one way: you give up!

Fortunately for us, the tech industry is the blessing that keeps on giving. When it comes to training and fitness, the devices that get the most attention are often smartwatch and fitness tracker, with a nod to how light therapy works. In the end, these aren’t the only workout gadgets that can help us get in shape. There are some other excellent tech products designed to help us lead healthier lives and recover properly. Let’s Have a look!

  1.   GymWatch

GymWatch is different from other fitness trackers. It’s not about counting steps, calories burned, or how long you sleep. GymWatch is designed for people who go straight to the weights in the gym. It makes you smarter and motivates you to reach your goals faster.

The workout gadget includes tools like accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer. Together, they track your movements and tensions in different muscles. The data will be sent to an accompanying application, and it will know in real-time if you are performing an exercise correctly. So, It doesn’t only help you train smarter, but it can also prevent severe injury.

  1.   Fitbit Aria 2 Smart Scale

While Fitbit’s fitness tracker catalog receives the most attention, the company also makes an excellent smart bathroom scale. Aria 2 is a fitness gadget that offers a multitude of features for anyone looking to improve their fitness or control weight loss over time. The device obviously works as a scale, but in addition to measuring weight, it can also track the percentage of body fat in athletes and calculate BMI as well.

The smart scale can track profiles for up to eight people, keeping each user’s data private and separate from each other. This information is synchronized wirelessly with a smartphone. It can be used to track trends, displaying charts and graphs that provide a clearer picture of weight loss and overall health.

  1.   Beats PowerBeats Pro

The Powerbeats Pro is my favorite wireless training headphone. If you have upgraded your phone, but you are now missing the old headphone jack, Beats’ first truly wireless headset may be the best way to exercise wirelessly. The close-fitting cut and hooked design ensure that they stay in place rather than falling out when someone hits the treadmill.

In addition to sweating, the Powerbeats Pro is subtle enough to be your wireless friend, with a consistent sound profile and four different colors to choose from. Note that you will need a lightning cable to charge it.

  1.   PlatinumLED Therapy Light

Light therapy has a variety of benefits and can be part of an overall wellness routine. PlatinumLED light therapy devices can be used to promote faster healing, antiaging, immune strengthening, mood improvement, muscle recovery, etc.

Since 2010, PlatinumLED has been the world leader in the industry in the design and manufacture of ultra high power LED panels. Their biomax series is the most irradiance than any other LED therapy light on the market today. This provides more power with deeper penetration to your muscle and helps boost your training performance.

  1.   PowerDot Electric Muscle Stimulator

One of the most often overlooked areas of any exercise routine is post-workout recovery. Many times we finish a workout, bathe in the showers. Then we go home, ignoring the pain and fatigue that we feel throughout the body. But this pain can cause serious injury if not treated and appropriately treated.

That’s where the PowerDot comes in. This small, portable, lightweight electric muscle stimulator provides therapy for tired muscles and sore joints. Athletes often apply the PowerDot pads to the area of ​​the body that needs the most attention and use their smartphones to control the level of stimulation. The PowerDot app guides users through each step of the process, helping them get the most out of the device without the need for training.

  1.   Athos Smart Clothing

If wearing gadgets on your wrist is annoying, the Athos Smart Clothing line is the right option. You can choose among shirts, leggings, shorts, separately or buy in batches.

Each garment is delivered with the Athos Core module, which are the sensors used to collect training data. Bluetooth capabilities allow you to transfer data to your iOS device. This data includes muscle activity, calories burned, heart rate, etc. It can be traced depending on the garment you choose.

  1.   Digitsole Smart Shoes

Digitsole Smart Shoes can be one of the most useful workout gadgets for health and fitness enthusiasts. These shoes have a powerful self-tightening function, so you no longer have to worry about tying and re-tying your shoes during your next sports performance.

These smart shoes can also keep your feet warm while training during the colder months. Plus, they can track your activity like any other portable technology, allowing you to track your steps, total calories burned, and more. All data will be synchronized to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

  1.   Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

It’s hard to recreate the gym or home gym offerings perfectly, but customizable weights are a good start. This pair of Bowflexes, the SelectTech 552, allows you to adjust each dumbbell from five to 52.5 pounds.

For the initial 25 pounds, you can change in 2.5-pound increments to get a truly customized weight for your goals. For the flexibility of a well-designed workout device With an average 4.7-star rating from more than 4,800 reviewers, it’s an excellent gift for many types of fitness enthusiasts.

What is your favorite workout gadget?


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