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PDF Editor

In today’s modern world of digitalization, people have started using digital files over physical papers and notes. We all use mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and computer systems to manage a variety of things including digital files. We save digital files in PDF format.

PDF Editor

PDF Format is the most preferred file format for saving digital files as handling PDF files is super easy. Moreover, PDF files are compatible with all types of systems, platforms, and software. One can easily manage PDF files and can share them with others. 

Those who work with PDF files and have to manage hundreds of PDFs every single day have to use reliable PDF editor software. Coolnew PDF Editor for Windows is there to help you out with your problems related to PDF files. Let’s collect some useful information about Coolnew PDF Editor software! 

About Coolnew PDF Editor: 

Coolnew PDF is an all-in-one PDF editor software designed for professionals. The software packs several useful tools to manage your PDF files in bulk. Unlike other PDF editors, this software serves several additional tools which you can use for different purposes. 

The tools offered by the Coolnew PDF editor and converter software improve your productivity. Work smarter without wasting your time with this all-in-one PDF editor i.e. Coolnew PDF Editor Software. 

Let’s find out more information about the software’s cool PDF editing and managing tools for professionals. The below-given list of its features clears all your doubts about this software. 

Key Features: 

1. Quick Text Editing 

The Text Editing feature lets you edit the texts from the existing PDF file. You can edit the properties of the texts, can change the format of the texts, can arrange the paragraphs, and more. 

2. Page Formating and Editing

Page formatting and editing features allow you to change the text, add images, erase words from the content, add watermarks, change file format, rotate the entire page, add page numbers, add borders to the existing page, and much more. 

3. Quick Printing 

The software comes with advanced printing options with multiple modes. You can either print a single page or multiple pages. The same software supports invoice printing and batch printing. You can print hundreds of pages with a batch printing option using this software. 

4. Advanced File Converter 

The PDF converter lets you convert and invert PDF files easily. You can convert a PDF file into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, TXT, and CAD. You can even change and replace the image formats as per your needs. The same function supports batch conversion which means multiple files can be converted easily with a single click using this option. 

5. Smart Tools 

The software comes with several smart tools to manage your PDF files. The list of smart tools includes PDF merger, PDF splitter, PDF compression, PDF encryption, and much more. All these handy tools are useful to manage multiple PDF files. 

Besides this, the Coolnew PDF Editor software comes with many other features and functions which make it the best PDF editor and converter software. You can make use of each of the given tools as per your preferences. 

Coolnew PDF Editor and Converter: Pricing 

Coolnew PDF Editor and Converter software are available for free with their basic features. For professional use, the premium version of the software is available. The 6-month license cost is $29.99, and the 1-year license cost is $49.99. 

The company also gives you a money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the software and its features, you will get a full money refund within 30 days of the date of its purchase. 


PDF Editor is a must-have software for every PC users. Being the most popular computer operating system, Windows PC users have a variety of options to choose from. The Coolnew PDF Editor is the perfect choice for all Windows PC users. The software is there with its free version which you can test out for free, get it now and let us know how do you like the software and its features! 

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