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Cooper Farms

Finding a company that values not only the lives of those that work for them but the community in which they operate can be difficult. At Cooper Farms the mission is to provide sustainable products to customers while creating a work environment that employees are happy to be a part of.

What We Offer

Cooper Farms offers a range of products and goods that are responsibly sourced and sustainably produced. We work to care for the environment that we operate in and work to reduce waste, recycle, and limit out overall energy and water use as much as possible all while providing our customers with a superior product.

We use wind turbines in our cooked meat plants to lessen energy consumption. We work to reduce our waste and work to eliminate materials that we cannot recycle or reuse. We also work to help manage the nutrients that our animals are eating to help minimize waste and odor while still creating fertilizer that can be used to nurture and nourish our crops.

It is the goal of Cooper Farms to create a superior product while being as responsible as possible while creating a family environment that our employees are happy and proud to be a part of every day. We work to create a family centered environment that makes it easy to come to work and easy to be happy to be at work every day. It is our goal to be different and to set the standard for excellence.

Family Environment

For those looking for Production Jobs in St. Henry, Ohio Jobs in St. Henry, Ohio Hiring in St. Henry, Ohio, Cooper Farms has you covered. We offer our employees the opportunity that they need to grow and to take the next step in their career. We encourage our employees to take the time to go out and take part in off site training, to be involved in their local community and more. We offer our employees benefits so that they can be healthy and happy and spend time with their families as well.

We also offer up new positions to those that are part of our team already before we move to accept outside resumes. We treat our employees like they are family, and we want nothing more than to help them succeed at every step. There are endless opportunities to grow and take that next step in your career no matter where you start with our company making it a great place to work if you dream big and are looking for new opportunities. We are also deeply committed to making our community a better place.

Products and Services

We offer a range of both animal products and produce, and we offer these products to the public at great prices. It is our goal to offer the best products possible in the best way possible and to ensure that each product that leaves our farms is superior. We work to make a difference in the community that we serve, and we work to ensure that we are producing products sustainably and efficiently.

It is our goal to make a difference and to provide those we serve with products that are a cut above the rest, practices that are efficient and effective while still being responsible, and that we are doing our best by our employees. If you want to learn more about Production Jobs in St. Henry, Ohio Jobs in St. Henry, Ohio Hiring in St. Henry, Ohio, contact us today at Cooper Farms to see if we are the right fit for you and to see what the real difference is.

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