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Everyone forgets to clock in or out sometimes because their day is so busy. Attestation features in UKG Ready and Pro WFM can fix these missed punches, but the process can be time-consuming and need manual intervention, which could lead to human errors in timekeeping.

Embrace a Seamless Solution

Right here is where CloudApper AI TimeClock comes in. It makes the UKG Attestation process smooth and quick. It makes it easy for both workers and managers to handle missed punches by integrating smoothly with UKG Ready and Pro WFM.

CloudApper AI TimeClock: Making UKG Attestation Easier

Customizable Prompts: When workers clock in and out, they are reminded to submit information about any missed punches based on rules that have already been set. This means you won’t have to remember and use the Attestation options later.

Streamlined Data Capture: CloudApper’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for workers to record important information like missed punch time, the reason, and supporting evidence (photos, screenshots) right on their phone.

Automation: When the missed punch request is sent in, it goes straight to the right manager for review and approval, along with any attached information. This gets rid of the need to do routes by hand and makes the process easier.

Real-time visibility: Both workers and managers can see the status of missed punch requests as they are being sent in, which encourages openness and quick resolution.

Advantages Besides Convenience

Less mistakes: No more entering data by hand, and you won’t have to worry about getting wrong information like with old-fashioned Attestation methods.

Better Compliance: CloudApper makes sure that company policies and labor laws are followed by collecting detailed information and automating processes.

Better Transparency: Real-time visibility makes sure that both workers and managers know what’s going on at all times, which builds trust and responsibility.

Better efficiency: People who work for and with HR departments can focus on more important jobs when workflows are streamlined.

The Experience of Seamless Attestation

Imagine that a worker forgot to sign out when their shift was over. When they clock in the next day, CloudApper asks them to explain what happened with the missed punch. With just a few taps, they send the request and include a picture of the work they’ve already done as proof. The boss gets a message right away, looks over the information, and quickly gives the go-ahead. There you have it! There was no need for a phone call or email to record the missed punch in UKG Ready or Pro WFM.

Welcome the future

With UKG Ready and Pro WFM and CloudApper AI TimeClock, you can get an Attestation system that will work in the future. It makes the process easier, cuts down on mistakes, and increases productivity, which is good for both workers and businesses.

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