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Postpartum depression is a common post-pregnancy concern for numerous new mothers globally. It is not a mandatory aftermath post-pregnancy however, it is very common in the majority of the countries today and Singapore is no exception.

At present, in the year 2021, the birth rate of Singapore is 8.5 births per minimum of thousand people. Given this birth rate, it is easy to assume that the number of females going through postpartum depression in Singapore might be a handful.

Avoid Postpartum Depression

It is not easy to take care of yourself and your baby if you do not keep a check on your mental health.

Most people believe prescribed medications to be the only possible solution to postpartum depression. However, there are so many different ways to deal with postpartum depression or avoid it completely, and one such medium is counselling in Singapore.

No counselling services are available to resolve the issues at hand. At times, for example in situations for postpartum depression, mother counselling in Singapore is the best platform to help new moms feel better about the current situation.

Not many people acknowledge the seriousness of this mental stress for new mothers. People also tend to ignore it as a mood swing but according to statistics, between 10% to 20% of the new mothers globally experience this mental stress. So how exactly do counselling in Singapore help new mothers avoid or deal with postpartum depression? Let us find out below.

#1 Professional Guidance

One of the biggest advantages of counselling in Singapore for new mothers is the guidance of a professional or an expert to help you take better care of yourself and your baby.

There is both common and specialized counselling in Singapore for new mothers to help them deal with common symptoms in the early stages. One counselling service provider is Incontacwhichhat insures all experts are on board to have the new mothers feel better about themselves and their babies and do not feel alone.

#2 New Perspective

Usually ignored as a short-term issue, postpartum depression in its full swing can be very harmful to the mother as well as the child. Many times new mothers do not even realize that they are developing symptoms of postpartum depression.

With the help of counselling in Singapore, you will have a fresh perspective from someone outside your family and friends to tell you exactly how things are and whether you are edging towards postpartum depression or not.

Your friends and family members might ignore it but professionals will ensure you take the right measures to help yourself in the best way possible.

#3 Trusted Platform

Another major benefit of counsellinging in Singapore for new mothers is that it is a trusted platform to express exactly how you feel without having to think twice.

The team of experts all t counsellors or available have no idea about your past or your present situation, they are only there to support you mentally and give you honest suggestions and recommendations to resolve any signs of postpartum depression. This trust motivates new mothers to open up and be free with their expressions.

#4 Improved Acknowledgement Of Feelings

You usually do not say exactly how you are feeling to avoid looking bad or making the father of the child feel bad in any aspect. However, in counselling in Singapore, you will have professionals who are present to help you out what you are feeling to fight or deal with early signs of postpartum depression.

The experts encourage you to acknowledge your feelings to avoid a build-up that can result in a more severe breakdown in the future.

#5 Constant Support

The biggest advantage of counselling in Singapore for new mothers is the constant support they provide, regardless of the number of sessions you sign up for. Most times, any sort of mental stress can be resolved with support and this is exactly what counsellors provide.

No matter what time of the day or how good or bad your day goes, a counsellor or will be available to hear you out, giving you the freedom to express and release tension, stress, anxiety, etc., Which are all common signs of the early stages of postpartum depression.

No matter what part of the world you live in, getting confused between postpartum depression and initial baby blues post-pregnancy is a very common phenomenon.

The idea behind established counselling services in different countries for different reasons is to create a safe space for people to reach out to in times of desperate need. One important thing that gets unnoticed by new mothers is that postpartum depression can also happen to their partners.

So, the best solution to help yourself and avoid postpartum depression is to sign up for counselling in Singapore and talk to professionals to get the necessary medical support and attention promptly.

Incontact is a popular counselling service provider in Singapore and along with women counselling for postpartum depression and other issues, it has multiple other counselling services so do not hesitate and sign up today if you think you need one.


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